10 tips to help your girlfriend catch the golf bug (even as much as you)
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10 tips to help your girlfriend catch the golf bug (even as much as you)

Is it possible to get the woman in your life to fall in love with golf, or is this an impossible fantasy?

This question has tormented many men for years. Guys can imagine their girlfriends saying, “Honey, aren’t you tired of watching this stuff? Let's go to a cafe or something?”

What can you do to somehow change her attitude towards golf? We have some suggestions to introduce her to playing golf and making it fun for both of you.

  1. Patience is key:Initially, your girlfriend or wife may have little interest and play only out of the desire to spend time together for a while. Try to make watching and playing golf together a regular thing. This will show her how you are attached to it: You want to spend time with her even during some important tournament.
  1. Golf fashion could be a draw:Golf fashion can be a lot of fun, for men and for women. Exposing your significant other to just how sharp they'll look playing golf may be a help. As it was written in the post of an  older men dating site, you can order clothes that might match somewhat or help each other pick out outfits.
  1. Golf gossip:In golf, gossip and rumors are as much of a part of the social aspect of the game as any other culture. It might make your significant other interested to know the backstories of the players. Tell your girl a couple of such stories about the players, and she will probably watch at them during a tournament with more intrigue.
  1. Let her feel like on a date:The time spent watching a tournament should be unique – like a successful date. Try to cool your sporting emotions. If she is interested in something on the screen, you should also pay attention to this and discuss all the issues with her. It is necessary to make her feel like a part of the golf world and understand it in her way.
  1. Handsome men of the golf world:One of the common answers to a question of how to interest a woman in watching pro golf is to show the athletes who play it. For example, in hockey, she will not see this because of their uniform. And in golf, it is much better. But don’t compare yourself.
  1. Football as a motivator:Many famous golfers come from humble families with a very interesting biography. Reading such stories, she will be inspired and understand that faith in a dream, perseverance, and hard work can lead to great victories. And in general, when watching golf, the realization that this is hard work, requiring enormous stamina.
  1. Play with her:For most people who watch golf, they play the game. Why shouldn't this be the case with your partner? Go to the range together and have some fun, showing her both the challenge of the game and the fun it brings.
  1. Connect her with lessons:Yes, the golf population is overwhelming male, but women play golf and have just as much fun as the guys. So let her see this. As she plays more golf and feels more connected to the game, she may feel more of a connection to you as well.
  1. Play a game with her on the course:It's always fun to have a little side wager when playing golf, and making it a friendly wager with your girlfriend or wife can sometimes even the odds and focus both of you on having a better round.
  1. Take her to the bookmaker: For plenty of male golf fans, betting on golf is a regular thing that makes watching a tournament more interesting. So why shouldn't your viewing partner have a chance to drop a few dollars on a player to win? Both of you can become better golf fans in studying up on who is expected to do well.

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