How to bet on golf: The ins and outs
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How to bet on golf: The ins and outs

Acquire Information

Betting on golf is different from betting on casino games. In roulette, you can bet on any of the numbers and have the same expectation of winning. The uncertainty in roulette is based on the perfect randomness created by the wheel. The uncertainty in sports depends on unpredictability of player performance. In order to be successful at golf betting you need to know the rules and structure of the sport and the strengths and weaknesses of players along with their current form.

If you are new to golf then the following web sites are a good place to start acquiring information.

  • IGF: International Golf Federation
  • PGA: The Professional Golfers’ Association

Who will be at the top when it matters most

Understand Risk & Return

If you look at golf bet offers, there are payout ratios attached. A payout of 5 to 1 implies that you will win 5 times your bet if the event comes true. The larger the payout ratio the more unlikely it is that the event will come true. Correspondingly, offers with greater certainly will have lower payouts. Skillful golf betting involves the following.

  • Realizing the level of risk-return that you are interested in
  • Selecting a basket of bets that will lead to the desired risk-return

Selecting the Best Online Betting Site

You should keep in mind the following factors when selecting a site to place golf bets.

  • You should sign up at sportsbooks that are licensed by reputed regulatory agencies.
  • You should compare odds offered by different sportsbooks.
  • You should take advantage of no deposit offers from leading sportsbooks. This will become more common place with the proliferation of legal online sports betting in the USA.

Types of Golf Bets

Having discussed these preliminary but important issues, we can now evaluate the different golf markets offered at sportsbooks. These can be divided into three groups.

  • In play or live bets
  • Bets on immediate tournaments
  • Future bets

Golf In Play Betting

This exciting form of golf sports betting offers odds on events during the course of the tournament. The most popular bet is on the number of strokes taken by a player to complete the 18 holes course in a round. It works in this manner.

  • At the start of the round, the odds for a golfer completing 18 holes in par or less number of strokes will be posted.
  • If that player messes up the first hole then the odds for that market would go long.
  • After each hole, maybe after each stroke, the odds for completing 18 holes in par or less would keep changing depending on the player’s performance thus far.
  • You can place bets at any time. Your bets will be settled at the odds accepted by you based on the final outcome.

Expert punters can take advantage of the changing odds in in-play betting. The odds go long when the player takes more strokes than expected in the first hole. But if you think the player can make up the deficit then you can place a bet at the long odds to your benefit.

There is another form of in play betting that is not as popular. Odds may be offered on the outcome of a stroke: whether it will land on the green, or land in a sand bunker or the distance the ball will travel.

Betting on Immediate Golf Tournaments

This is by far the most popular form of golf betting. Golf tournaments run throughout the year on some course or the other. Odds are posted on various events before the tournament and bets have to be placed before the first tee off.

  • Outright winner: The online betting site posts odds for each player winning the tournament. The favorites would have shorter odds and others would have longer odds. If you are not happy with the return on the favorite golfer, then you can back a riskier option that will give a better return if successful.
  • Top player from a region: Odds are offered for the highest ranked player from a country or continent. For example, the event could be top American player. All American golfers will be given odds for who among them will finish highest ranked. There is less uncertainty in predicting this than in the outright winner market. Therefore the odds are lower.
  • Finish in top 5: This market offers odds on a player finishing in the top 5. This is another betting option for conservative players that may not want to take the risk of betting on the outright winner.

Future Betting in Golf

There are certain markets in golf betting whose outcome will not be immediately decided.

Golf majors: Four of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the annual calendar have been designated as majors.

  • Masters Tournament: Augusta (USA) in April
  • PGA Championship: Rotating locations in USA in May
  • US Open: Rotating locations in USA in June
  • The Open Championship: Rotating locations in the United Kingdom in July

Odds for the outright winner of the next major will always be posted at the best golf sportsbooks, even when the event is almost a year away. Betting on this market has higher risks, because certain high ranked players may in the end not participate in the tournament. You can never predict injury in sports. The odds are correspondingly long and create a good opportunity for punters willing to take a risk.

Proposition bets: These bets are not specifically related to the outcomes of any tournament. They are decided over long periods and are basically fun bets. You would not be advised to bet big amounts on these markets. Some common prop bets are given below.

  • The number of majors Tiger Woods will win in this calendar year: Odds will be offered for 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 wins.
  • The player that will earn the most in prize money in this calendar year: Odds will be offered for various leading players. The odds will keep changing during the course of the year.

The player that will top the Official World Golf Ranking at the end of the last completed week in December.

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