A unique new golf and sports entertainment complex is coming to Buffalo
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A unique new golf and sports entertainment complex is coming to Buffalo

OnCore Golf Technology has announced that they will create a never-before-seen sports-entertainment complex in their hometown of Buffalo, NY. The facility will welcome a diverse demographic, as there will be something for everyone year-round. Apart from golf, there will be other sports to experience on Kelley Island, just next to Buffalo on the Buffalo River. 

Some of their financial partners include RiverWorks founder Doug Swift and Carubba Collision ex-CEO Joe Carruba. Together, they plan to unveil a complex that includes golf courses, an integrated hotel, and many other facilities.

The entertainment center has everything one could possibly desire when it comes to recreational activities, except perhaps a casino. While sports betting is barely legal in New York, some customers might find leaving out this sort of grown-up entertainment amiss. Still, you can always visit a site like https://casinosnow.com/ when you’re taking a break between hitting the links.

New Yorkers love their golf, and Americans love their entertainment. When you put the two together, a brand new entertainment complex comes about.

The project is expected to cost a total of $30 million. The project leaders believe that anywhere between 400 and 500 new jobs will be created as a result of the project. The complex is set to open its doors in 2021.

There is to be a three-tiered unique golf driving range, and it is meant to provide a truly modern user experience. To achieve this, there will be state-of-the-art cameras and radars in each and every hitting bay. Players will be able to follow the trajectory of their swings and learn from analyzing them, be they newbies or well-versed golfers. Every player will have the opportunity to analyze all the data the computers capture. That could include the speed of the swing and the ball, the spin rate, smash factor, the launch angle and so on. All this will be saved on cloud storage for players to access at any time. Customers can also review it on their mobile phones at their leisure or even get real-time instructions thanks to that data.

The project OnCore Buffalo really seeks to please everyone, including younger customers. Children can sometimes be bored playing golf, so there will be augmented reality and mixed reality experiences for them on the site. The idea is that even non-golfers ought to be entertained in the facility. As for the hip golfers in the crowd, they will have the option to share their progress via in-venue broadcasts or by posting on social media.

There are to be around 120 hotel rooms and several event spaces, meeting halls, and banquets, all overlooking the greens. Also, guests will be able to relax as they observe the action on the hitting bays below.

The OnCore facility in Buffalo will also feature a specially made elevated game board. That will be a target range of sorts, where the back wall will have targets at a 250-yard distance, and the closer targets will range from 50 to 170 yards. So some games will be competition games, while others will be there for pure entertainment. High-tech monitors will be up at each bay, showing the results of each of those games.

For those not in the mood for competition, their entertainment will come in the form of indoor snowboarding arenas and indoor surfing year-long. There will also be a skate park, hockey and baseball fields, and basketball courts.

Apart from the various sports and golf experience, OnCore Buffalo will have many food and beverage stands throughout, including within the hitting bays. If visitors ruin their diets by overindulging in food courts, they can always walk it off while playing golf. If you choose to skip riding to all the 18 holes, you can burn as many as 2,000 calories without it feeling like a workout.

Another unique thing about such a massive complex is that they actually care about the carbon footprint they leave behind. Even though it will take a lot to build it, these will be golf courses that are close to town, so people won’t need to drive as far and use a lot of gas to get there. Because it’s in an urban environment, they can welcome users of all walks of life and people can host business and private events in the facility. Also, they are already thinking of extending the facility and are looking into properties in Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, and Washington, D.C.

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