The scandal around Donald Trump playing golf has reached all new levels
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The scandal around Donald Trump playing golf has reached all new levels

Back during the 2016 Presidential election campaign, and even long before he became a politician, Donald Trump kept talking about the fact that then-President Barack Obama was playing more golf than doing work and running the country. As a candidate, Donald Trump declared that he would become too busy working for American people as President to actually play golf or have vacations. These are statements that now come back to haunt the president.

So far, Trump has spent nearly 250 days of his Presidency on a golf course, including one of the 17 he owns or manages through his Trump Organization.

The Huffington Post reported President Donald Trump's golf habit has so far ended up costing more than $102 million to the American taxpayer as he was playing golf during his term. This is actually triple what President Obama spent during the exact same timeframe of the term.

Then HuffPost went on to share even more facts about Obama's comparable first term that were really interesting, including the fact that Obama spent 70 days were spent playing golf during his first 853 days in the position. Of those, 48 of the days were during visits to military bases. All of President Trump’s trips happened at private golf courses. The amount of golfing done even prompted international sites like Stoixima24 to consider covering it for betting purposes, giving bettors odds on how often Trump will play golf as President.

The $102 million President Donald Trump has cost the American taxpayer while golfing is triple what the Mueller investigation cost. We are talking about a figure that is 255 times higher than the salary that the President declared he will not take. The money spent on these outings would actually be enough to fund the entire Special Olympics, to which Donald Trump wanted to cut federal support. Not only that, but the money would be enough to cover the Special Olympics funding for 6 years.

Another thing that has made the scandal bigger is the fact that while President Donald Trump does not get a salary, he does end up pocketing a large amount of taxpayer funds since he stays at resorts and clubs that he owns. Also, he does charge room and board for the Secret Service officers protecting him that do stay on his proerty. US taxpayers have paid an extra seven figures to the Trump Organization just to cover those accommodations.

Trump supporters and numerous Republicans declared that how often Trump plays golf and how much it costs is not significant, but the exact same people also complained about the money spent by Obama on golfing.

Besides the really frequent golf trips, Donald Trump often goes to Mar-a-Lago. Weekend trip costs approximately $3.4 million. So far, Trump spent 61 days at his Palm Beach resort and 52 extra days at the private club he owns in Northern Virginia.

While Trump has promoted his clubs heavily by nature of being the American President, his overseas clubs are not benefiting. The Scotsman reported Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, lost £1.2 million in 2017, and the losses could potentially widen over time.

With the numbers laid bare, it is easy to understand why people complain how often Trump plays golf. Not only did his past complaining about President Obama turn out to be hypocritical, but President Trump is making money off his golf habit out of the pockets of the American people.

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