Fantastic stats from the 2018-2019 PGA Tour season
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Fantastic stats from the 2018-2019 PGA Tour season

The 2018-2019 PGA Tour season is officially over, and it is time to analyze what happened. There were 45 tournaments that offered some pretty interesting statistics, marked by the best players in the entire world. Selecting the most interesting ones is actually difficult but even online sports betting websites couldn’t expect some of what happened.

Let's take a look at the most impressive stats from this PGA Tour season. 

28 Cuts In A Row Made By Tommy Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood did not miss a PGA Tour cut ever since the May 2018 Wells Fargo Championship. This means he went through the entirety of 2019 without a cut being missed. Also, he never withdrew from a golf event so he had a full season of four-round events on the PGA Tour. A cut was missed during the European Tour, but this also happened in 2018 at the French Open. Fleetwood had an incredibly consistent 2019. 

53 Fairways In A Row By Ryan Armour

While Armour is not the longest player on the tour, he surely is straight. He finished 2019 with him being the fourth-most accurate player. This was cemented by a fantastic 53 fairways hit in a row. This is incredible since it is almost a whole tournament of hit fairways. (There are usually 56 fairways to hit in a tournament.) The second-longest streak was turned in by Martin Laird, but it was just 40 in a row.

The Volatility Of Jordan Spieth

Let’s take a look at Spieth’s volatile scoring average based on round:

  • Round 1 – 9th – 69.27
  • Round 2 – 1st – 68.32
  • Round 3 – 170th – 71.28
  • Round 4 – 180th – 72.47

Obviously, nobody knows why Jordan Spieth cannot play well on weekends. However, the stats clearly show this. Jordan Spieth was among the very best PGA players before weekends but horrible on tour after the start. 

Holing Out One Time – Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia had a bad season but an under-discussed stat is the lack of a hole out. During the tour, the player just logged 53 rounds and holed out only one time. When looking at elite players, the hole outs happen around one time every 4 rounds. However, with Garcia, luck was really low. He ended up with the worst hole-out-per-round statistic. 

Dustin Johnson’s 4 401-yard drives

Dustin is among the longest of the tour’s hitters. He did not max out past 450 or 420 but his 400-plus-yard bombs were numerous. Dustin Johnson managed to hit 4 drives that traveled exactly 401 yards. The longest one was 404 but there are zero 400-yard drives and not even one 402-yard drives. Consistency reaches a whole new level with DJ as he has 4 exactly 401-yard drives. 

Daniel Berger Just Hit One Eagle

There are 188 players that were recorded as playing enough rounds, but it was just Henrik Stenson and Daniel Berger that did not make more than one eagle. Daniel Berger played 12 more rounds than Stenson. Even so, he just notched one eagle. Brooks Koepka, as a comparison, played only 11 more rounds and scored 14 more eagles. For an agressive player like Berger, the tally is crazy low.

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