TaylorMade Golf's TP Patina Collection looks to build on Pure Roll success

TaylorMade Golf’s TP Patina Collection looks to build on Pure Roll success

TaylorMade Golf is arguably best known for their Spider putters, which, over a decade, have become a staple in the bags of a variety of players.

However, the company doesn't solely cater to the Spider-using golfer. There's a world of players who want traditional, proven head shapes. So, TaylorMade has introduced their TP Patina Collection, which seeks to bring together classic head geometries, a refined aesthetic and an improved Pure Roll insert that has been foundational to Spider's success.

The new TP Patina Collection is named after the natural color change in the copper and black nickel found on the head, a change from the black copper look in the prior TP collection.

But while it's the aesthetic that might catch a player's eye, the real star is the improved Pure Roll insert. It's now thicker, increased to 5mm in this series, and it's secured better to the head with screws that give the player better feedback and feel with each putt. The Pure Roll aluminum insert has grooves cut at 45-degree angles with the goal of getting the ball moving end-over-end faster and with a more consistent roll on the intended line.

The collection features seven head shapes: three traditional blade shapes and four mallet-style putters.

The blades -- Soto, Juno and Del Monte -- have significantly different toe-hang options, and the feel changes by head.

Three of the mallet-style shapes bear the Ardmore name, from which Tiger Woods picked a putter last year. The Ardmore is a full mallet, while the Ardmore 2 has a fang-style shaping. Both are face-balanced. The Ardmore 3 sports 42 degrees of toe hang, however, and is designed to offer forgiveness for an arc-heavy stroke.

The new mallet style is the DuPage, which removes some of the flange weight by taking out the metal on either side of the full-length sight line. It has a face-balanced design with a single-bend shaft.

The line features an adjustable weight system in the sole to lock in custom swing weights, with weights of 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20 grams available separately.

The TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Collection is available in 34-inch and 35-inch lengths on both sides of the ball with a KBS CT Taper stepless chrome putter shaft for $250 each.

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