US Amateur Havemeyer Trophy facts: Size, weight, history, namesake and more
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US Amateur Havemeyer Trophy facts: Size, weight, history, namesake and more

The winner of the US Amateur Championship each year receives the Havemeyer Trophy, one of the oldest trophies in high-level competitive golf.

The US Amateur's Havemeyer Trophy dates back to 1984, back to the creation of the United States Golf Association, which was in the same year. Theodore Havemeyer was the president of the USGA at its creation, and he funded the creation of the trophy for the winner of the US Amateur.

The original Havemeyer trophy was produced by J.E. Caldwell and Co. and was awarded to C.B. Macdonald at Newport Golf Club in Rhode Island after he won the first US Amateur in 1895.

The replica of the original Havemeyer Trophy

The original Havemeyer Trophy was lost in a fire at Atlanta's East Lake Golf Club clubhouse on Nov. 22, 1925.

In 1966, Great Britain's crown jewelers, Garrard, reproduced the original 1895 trophy -- the first year of the US Amateur -- based on photographs. The USGA has one replica at their New Jersey headquarters, and East Lake Golf Club has the other.

In 1926, a new design was introduced by the USGA, and it remains the design for the Havemeyer Trophy to the present day. The new design featured an extended base to accommodate additional engraving, while boasting a tall gold- plated steeple cup, different than the wider silver-plated cup that was on the original Havemeyer.

The Havemeyer Trophy is taller than most trophies in major golf, rivaled only by the PGA of America's Wanamaker Trophy, which is awarded each year to the winner of the PGA Championship.