What is the Korn Ferry Tour cut rule, and how is the cut line determined?
Korn Ferry Tour

What is the Korn Ferry Tour cut rule, and how is the cut line determined?

Every Korn Ferry Tour event has a cut after two rounds, or 36 holes, down to a field for the final two rounds. As of the 2018-19 season, the cut rule is down to the top 65 players and ties, with those players getting to finish out the tournament regardless of how many players finish inside the 36-hole cut line.

In no situation does the Korn Ferry Tour have a secondary cut after 54 holes to reduce the field for the final round. With so much on the line based on points -- namely getting inside the top 25 and top 75 on the regular-season Korn Ferry Tour points list -- the Korn Ferry Tour does not deny players an opportunity to improve on the leaderboard in the final round.

All players who make the 36-hole cut are paid according to the Korn Ferry Tour purse distribution guidance.

At the end of the regular season, there are three events comprising the Korn Ferry Tour Finals, played under the Korn Ferry Tour banner and featuring approximately 150 players -- the top 75 in Korn Ferry Tour regular season earnings and those who finished Nos. 126-200 on the PGA Tour's FedEx Cup regular season points list. Those three events all have a 36-hole cut as well to the top 65 and ties.

The PGA Tour is adopting the Korn Ferry Tour's 36-hole cut rule beginning with the 2019-2020 season, meaning there won't be a difference between the PGA Tour's 36-hole cut rule -- which has long been the top 70 and ties -- and that of the Korn Ferry Tour.