How some of the top golf courses in the country are finding ways to cut down on maintenance
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How some of the top golf courses in the country are finding ways to cut down on maintenance

Whether it is a course played by professionals or accommodating beginners, golf course owners and operators take the maintenance of it extremely seriously. A well-tended course is one that draws in players and helps to set the bar in terms of experience.

Of course, all of that maintenance isn’t cheap, and for many course owners around the country, the price for premium maintenance and conditioning isn’t something they are willing to accept. That is exactly why so many are now looking for ways to cut down on the price of the care, upkeep and maintenance, all without sacrificing the experience, look, and feel of the course.

Are you curious as to what these big courses are doing to cut down on expenses? Here’s a closer look.

Erosion-Resistant Golf Course Sand

One of the biggest issues with the sand on golf courses is that it naturally erodes over time, which ends up costing the course money to not only replace it but to also work on landscaping - rebuilding areas that have become damaged and eroded over time. This is where an extremely interesting product from Kafka Granite enters the picture and is being used by such top courses as Whistling Straits, Erin Hills, Cedar Rapids Country Club and Aronimink Golf Club.

The golf course sand from Kafka Granite is erosion resistant and dustless, there is no maintenance necessary, and it's easy to install. This is all music to a course owner's ears, as the cost savings are clear not just in money but also in manpower. As for where the product can be used, it can be placed anywhere on the course including the steepest slopes out there. It is made of crushed stone, decomposed granite and an engineered polymeric wax. It looks fantastic and holds up incredibly well.

Cut Down on the Amount of Irrigated Turf

Another route that courses are going down is to cut down on the amount of irrigated turf that exists on the course. Not only does this mean less water that the course will need to use, but it also means less pumping, mowing of the grass (since it won't grow as fast) and even less fertilizer. It’s these kinds of savings that are immediate rather than something course owners need to wait for to see the results.

Use Triplex Mowers Over Hand Mowers

Manpower is another massive part of the maintenance budget, so if courses are able to cut back on the maintenance staff, they can save a fair bit of cash. If the course requires mainly hand mowing, then the amount of staff needed will be relatively high. Replace those hand mowers with triplex mowers and suddenly the number of staff needed is reduced, as are costs.

For courses that are looking to go this route for savings, they will need to focus on creating softer contours that the triplex mower can handle.

Each Bit Adds Up

It’s no secret that the maintenance of a golf course is vast and expensive, but thanks to solutions such as these, golf course owners are realizing that there are ways to save money without making sacrifices to the course itself.

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