Golf equipment for beginners and how to afford it
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Golf equipment for beginners and how to afford it

So, you've decided to take up golf. Welcome to the game! Now, you're going to need golf equipment, including clubs, balls, a bag, clothes and shoes.

If you're new to the game, when you're first buying equipment, it's best to make a budge-conscious decision.

You should always decide and set a budget before buying, and it would be great if you spend less than your budget so you can spend more time playing golf. After all, after a lot of practice sessions and falling in love with the sport, it will be better to spend some more of your savings on your favorite sport.

Some tips to consider in finding golf equipment:

  1. Lay out your golf goals before spending on it: Before you start spending all your money on golf equipment, you should know that you are going to play different sets and clubs throughout your life, so don't spend like you're buying something you'll play forever.
  2. Figure out how much to spend: Before you begin purchasing, make sure that you are completely dedicated to the game and calculate how much you can spend and what caliber of clubs you are going to buy for this first bag. Ask yourself some questions before you begin. Will you be dedicated to the sport? Or will you be a casual golfer? If the answer to any of the questions is a no or not a complete yes, then you should buy the cheaper equipment. It would be a wise decision.
  3. New clubs or second-hand clubs: If you are still not sure about your attitudes toward golf, then buying used golf equipment could be a better option as it would be a cheaper one. After some practice and demonstrable improvement, you can easily replace the old clubs with new ones.
  4. Take advice and shop around: Ask for some suggestions from your friends who are already into the game. You can also walk in to golf stores and ask for some advice from the fitters as they hold a great experience in that field. Compare the prices of different shops before buying golf equipment.

If you are ready to buy a brand new golf equipment kit, then it is more likely to happen that it would be slightly out of your budget or probably very much out of the budget as equipment can be pretty expensive. Therefore you need to be very wise while making such a huge decision. You may need to borrow a little money with a short-term loan to get the clubs you really want.

Some information is also mentioned below.

The short term loans will be a great option to buy more expensive golf equipment.

You can buy golf equipment through a loan as it would make the purchasing easier and a bit pocket friendly also. You can check more detailed information about each loan provider on this link, but to give you a glimpse, continue reading below.

  • Cash advance loans: In this kind of loan, a small supply of cash is provided to you, and you have to repay over a short period of time. Generally, the interest rates are above average, specifically if you have poor credit. Most of the short term loans offer a replacement scheme of just a few weeks.
  • Installment loans: If you are considering a personal loan with a long repayment term, you should definitely go for a short-term installment loan. There are different schemes and offers in the installment loans. The installment loans can also be taken for a short term, or it can last up to years. You will also get more benefits and offers compared to the cash advance loan.


Always analyze all the terms and conditions before buying the golf equipment or any other sports kit as these kits are very expensive. Make sure that you won’t quit in between and give your best. To reiterate, you can consider taking short term loans to buy expensive equipment.

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