Which smartphone apps are the best for golf betting?
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Which smartphone apps are the best for golf betting?

At the end of 2017, the global sports betting market was believed to be worth $104.31 billion, with that figure expect to rise 8.62 percent from 2018 to 2022. In recent years, the betting industry has been revolutionized by the emergence of smartphones and betting apps.

The golf betting industry was traditionally overshadowed by other sports but is seeing substantial growth. The rise in popularity is largely thanks to new ways that viewers can access tournaments across the world and distinguished players deciding to play in lesser-known events.

Mobile devices are fueling golf betting and increasing the number of potential bets available to fans by helping gamblers find their favorite golfers or events.

When selecting a golf betting app are there are plenty of features to think through. While certain bookmakers will regularly offer the best prices on lots of players, others improve place-terms on each-way bets. Offers of money back are worth considering, along with special deals for new customers.

This article will introduce you to our top 5 golf gambling applications and help you decide which one is the right one for you, let’s tee off.


The Betfair app is a solid app you should consider, as they feature top-price on a high-percentage of golfers. They also allow customers to choose from two options, betting through their sports book or via the betting exchange. The app has a news and tipping section to help you make the right call in your selections.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is the leading Irish bookmakers, offering more enhanced placed-terms for golfing tournaments than any other company. While most other bookmakers will only pay on 5-place bets, Paddy Power will regularly allow you to get 6 places for both PGA Tour and European Tour events. During the majors, place-terms can even go up to 7 or 8. They still have top prices on many golfers  and money-back offers if popular players like Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods win a tournament.


All serious golf gamblers should have Ladbrokes as one of their gambling choices. In the outright market, they often have top-prices for tournament favorites. However, they stand out the most in the top-ten and top-twenty markets where they give great value unequaled by their rivals.


Coral is a great option for the famous tournaments, as they have a policy of giving top market prices on more players in the big events compared to their competitors. It is worth remembering to check your selection on Coral before you push ahead with a rival company. As well as this they can also have concessions in the majors, paying out for runners up if they finish second to a named winner.


Bet365 is a highly competitive bookmaker always worth a second look. They offer top-prices on fan favorites and concessions on large events and enhanced place terms.

What should you look for?

It was difficult to create a top 5 list considering there are so many apps to choose from. Here is the criteria used to make the big decisions.

Tours and Events Available

The number of Golf tours are increasing year on year, providing golfers with an abundance of competition choices. PGA and LPGA are the most renowned, but your favorite golfer might be playing elsewhere, as the amount of competitors that can qualify for the tours is restricted. Therefore, the best golfing apps must be apps that operate across the most tours, including not only the major events but smaller events in Europe, Asia or Latin America.

Bets Available

Betting on golf is unlike most other sports. Competitions can have over 100 players competing against each other individually. A golf event also has the potential for two rounds of betting, as the competitive field is often reduced by 50 percent after the cut.

Live Betting

A golf tournament usually takes several days to be completed, as a result betting on a single outcome can be a little unexciting. Gambling on longer events like golf has been hugely improved by introducing live betting, allowing the punters a far more exciting experience. The top golf betting apps have in-tournament odds on both groups of players and individual players, giving users a chance to win some money before the final results, while the event is still happening.


As there is such fierce competition in the gambling industry, companies may include bonuses features on their apps. There are many reasons that companies offer bonuses for their customers, giving you the potential to earn above and beyond your winners as a punter. There are sites that offer loyalty points and bonuses for regular deposits so it is important to keep an eye out for any added value schemes that may be available.

Finding and Downloading a Golf Betting App

Now, that we've offered our the top 5, and the criteria has been outlined and an informed decision can be made, it is time to search and download an app. Users can go directly to the app store for your device and search for golf apps to find the most popular ones online. To ensure the app is more than just popular, you can search it in a reviews section online or use bookmakers.net to compare and search apps and websites. Following that, you will need just a few clicks and some personally information and you should be up and running ready for betting action.

Ready to Go?

You can have a lot of fun betting on golf, even if you are not an expert. There are a lot of fun bets that can be placed on various men’s and women’s events every week, even a novice punter can find an appealing bet to place. It is now, more convenient than ever to try out golf betting app on your mobile. All the sites recommended on this page will provide you with a safe, secure environment, allowing you to concentration on who’s hitting it straight and long.

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