The history behind the top 5 golf posters on every wall
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The history behind the top 5 golf posters on every wall

Golf is considered by many to be the quintessential good sport's sport. When it comes to sportsmanship, perseverance and pure inspiration, you can’t help but admire the world’s greatest golfers.

That's precisely why millions of walls worldwide are adorned by an equally extensive arsenal of golf posters. From kids to teenagers to adults of all ages, you don’t have to look far to find a true golf super-fan. Even if it’s not usually your game of choice, you’ll occasionally be swept away by the hype and hysteria that surround the world’s most iconic tournaments.

Rich History and Heritage

While some would argue that the modern game as we know it today originated in 15th century Scotland, there’s evidence of rudimentary golf being played in ancient China. Needless to say, things have shifted and evolved significantly over the years, resulting in the stylish and sophisticated game we know today.

But irrespective of the technology, techniques and tournaments that have revolutionised professional golf, it’s the players themselves that provide the inspiration. The kinds of iconic individuals who grace golf posters all over the world, inspiring young and old to strive for greatness.

So with this in mind, here’s a brief look at five of the most iconic and inspiring golf posters, which, according to your go-to shop when looking for golf posters Sport Photo Gallery, you’ll find on millions of walls all over the world:

Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus, 1971 Ryder Cup

Right off the bat, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer aren’t just acknowledged as two of the greatest professional golfers of all time. They’re also credited with sparking an explosion in the popularity of golf, attracting millions new fans and followers to the professional game. These two completely dominated professional golf throughout much of the 1960s and 1970s, scooping up a cavalcade of trophies and awards between them.

While it was always exciting to see Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer face-off against one another, it was even more inspiring when they formed part of the same team. In this image, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer line up a putt during the 1971 Ryder Cup, where they were up against Peter Townsend and Harry Bannerman of Great Britain.

Jack Nicklaus & Muhammad Ali, 1996 PGA Championship

What’s more inspirational than a poster featuring one of the greatest sporting personalities of all time? How about a poster with two of the greatest sporting personalities of all time?  Back in August 1996, the undisputed all-time King of heavyweight boxing - Muhammad Ali - pitted his wits against golfing legend Jack Nicklaus at a press conference during the final practice round at the PGA Championships at the Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky.

Jack Nicklaus' Farewell at St Andrews, 2005 Open Championship

Of course, it’s not as if Jack Nicklaus needed to be paired or pictured with anyone else to produce a truly inspirational image. This moving shot was captured at the 134th Open Championship at Old Course, St. Andrews Golf Links in Scotland, where Nicklaus was effectively waving an emotional goodbye to his army of fans and followers. This was set to be his final British Open, taking the greatest of all time one step closer to his retirement from the professional game.

Tiger Woods Winning for the 81st Time, 2018 Tour Championship

This striking image of the most enormous crowd following Tiger Woods to the final green at the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in September 2018 perfectly captures two things. The first of which being the immense popularity and the lure of Tiger Woods, who’s considered by many to be the greatest golfer of our generation. Secondly, the image also captures the enormous pressure pro golfers have to deal with at the most critical moments.  Witnessing this kind of crowd on a golf poster alone is intimidating enough!

Seve And Olly at Sunset on Kiawah Island, 1991 Ryder Cup

Last but not least, the Europe’s most successful Ryder Cup pairing ever was captured by thousands of times in any number of iconic images. Nevertheless, there’s perhaps none more beautiful than this enchanting image of Seve Ballesteros and his fellow countryman Jose Maria Olazabal taken at sunset. As captain in 2012, Olazabal pointed to the skies to dedicate his victory to the late great Ballesteros, further illustrating the bond between these two greats of the modern game.

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