Now's the time to head to Las Vegas for a golf-and-gambling trip
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Now’s the time to head to Las Vegas for a golf-and-gambling trip

Now is the perfect time of year to head to Las Vegas.

The weather is great in Sin City in the spring, getting into the 70s and 80s during the day before dropping down into the 50s at night. That's perfect golf weather right there, and Vegas has no shortage of fantastic golf courses that are a great way to start the day (or continue a long night).

Vegas has golf courses in pretty much every price range. From Shadow Creek at $500 per round, to Bali Hai at $300 per round, to Cascata at $250 per round, all the way down to under $30 for several courses favored by locals. You can spend as much of your Vegas budget on green fees as you'd like, or you can save some of that money for the tables, clubs, drinks and dining.

Golf in Vegas is a unique experience. It's a party atmosphere most of the time, meaning there's usually not a whole lot of serious golf played -- unless it's by the high rollers playing for insane amounts of money per hole. Then the demeanor changes a bit. But for the most part, courses try extra hard to encourage fun for the players, including drink and food specials, contests and an overall great playing experience.

Desert golf does have some pluses and minuses.

In the dry heat, the ball can fly far, giving you a boost of confidence, even if you smash a few into the desert as opposed to the grass. The downside of desert golf is missing the fairway. Often times, your ball will fly into rock formations that make hitting the next shot impossible. Of course, there are cacti and critters that you also don't want part of while you're playing. However, most courses have generous landing areas and plenty of room to play, even for a higher-handicap player.

So, while you should spend a little time on the range before your Vegas vacation to make sure your driver is flying straight, you should also spend a little time making sure your casino game isn't rusty. If you're coming to Vegas to put some of your hard-earned money on the line at the tables or the slots, you should get some practice to refresh your memory of basic blackjack strategy, get your way around a craps table and maybe even learn a little mini baccarat.

Fortunately, there are plenty of free online casinos you can visit before your trip to work on your game. Whether you want a little action before you get to Vegas or just want to have some fun, you can re-familiarize yourself with all the casino favorites so you don't feel nervous or intimidating going to your wallet and handing your money over to a dealer. You can learn about online casino games here, and with just a little bit of practice time -- as long as it takes to hit a bucket of balls at the range -- you'll feel confident walking up to the table and know when to double down, player the banker, look for box cars and all the great bets that make casino games so exciting.

With everything Vegas has to offer in the spring, you should be making your plans to be there for the post-NCAA down period that is ideal for gambling golfers.

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