The top 8 health benefits of playing golf
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The top 8 health benefits of playing golf

Golf is so cool!

The clothes make you look classy. You meet other classy people and you enjoy the company and the activity. But were you aware of the health benefits of golf? All golfers feel the mental thrill while golfing. They know the sport is physically challenging, but also good for their body.

For beginners and for those who plan to start, the health benefits are not that clear. Let’s do something about it.

We’ll list the most important benefits that your body and mind will experience when you start practicing golf.

8 Benefits of Golf to Your Health

1. Weight Loss

“A controlled trial of the health benefits of regular walking on a golf course” – that’s a study with results published in The American journal of Medicine.

You walk a lot during a golf game. This is a physical activity that’s safe and mild, but still very effective. The researchers saw that after 20 weeks of playing golf for two or three times a week, the participants lost weight and reduced abdominal skin fold thickness. The difference was not dramatic; they lost 1.4 kg on average when compared to the control group that maintained a sedentary lifestyle.

Still, this is a definite effect that’s important for those who want to stay fit.

2. Improved Aerobic Performance

The same study found significantly improved aerobic capacity and trunk muscle endurance among golf players. Golf does that by encouraging you to walk long distances. With that, you train your lungs, as well as the heart and all skeletal muscles that participate in the breathing process.

Golf is an aerobic exercise that triggers your heart to pump more blood to your muscles, so the entire body gets more oxygen.

3. Golf Relaxes You

Let’s take a university student as an example. This is someone who goes through stress on a daily basis. They study, they write content, they get into toxic relationships… you get the point. So let’s say this student decides to order a paper at edubirdie. They get some free time and spend it on a golf course.

Golf requires focus. Not just when you swing the ball, but during the entire game. You focus on that activity and you put all stressful thoughts aside. The student doesn’t think about papers and exams. They relax.

4. Golf Improves People’s Mental Health

As a socially inclusive and physical activity, golf has beneficial effects on your mental health. Scientists conducted a study that showed improved enthusiasm and energy levels among people with severe mental health problems after they started playing golf.

It makes sense. When you enjoy an activity, the day immediately gets better. You’re in nature and you get physically active. You talk to other people. You get out of those four walls that make you feel miserable. You could do the same thing through walks in the park. But golf gives you structure. You schedule sessions and you meet people with similar interests. It’s easier to stay committed to it on the long term.

5. It Prevents Cognitive Decline

When elderly people play golf, they keep their minds active. It’s important for them to engage in any kind of mental activity that keeps them focused. Golf is great at keeping them relaxed and focused at the same time. With regular practice, this sport is highly effect in preventing cognitive decline at old age.

6. It Helps You Sleep Better

Sleep is crucial to maintaining good health. It helps you improve your memory, fight stress, be in a good mood during the day, and simply function. After a long day playing golf, you’ll sleep better.

When combined with fresh air, physical activity is essential to good sleep at night.

7. Golf Helps with Stress Management

This sport is like meditation in movement. It engages you on such a level that you forget the biggest problems burdening you. You walk in an open environment with people you like. Everyone is in a good mood and you get the feeling that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

This is a sport that releases endorphins; the chemicals responsible for making you feel happy. After a stressful week, a weekend at the golf course is exactly what you need.

8. Golf Prolongs Your Life

Yes; seriously.

With all benefits you get from golf as a physical and mental activity, you’ll eventually live longer. Scientists proved that!

They observed the mortality rates among golf players and they realized that the most skilled players had lowest mortality rates. What does this tell you? The more you practice and the better you get, the healthier you become.  

You Needed Reasons to Start Playing Golf?

Now you have them. Your entire body benefits from a single game. If you keep playing on the long term, the gains will be long-term, too.

You’ll enjoy feeling fit, but it’s not just about the physical benefits. You’ll also feel better on a mental and emotional level. That’s a huge improvement, too.

Bryan Davis discovered golf three years ago, but it didn’t take too long before he fell in love with it. He is also an avid blogger, so he tries to combine those two interests in one. His online project that combines blogging and golfing is on its way.

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