Get a custom look every time with Jack Grace golf shoes

Get a custom look every time with Jack Grace golf shoes

No two pairs of golf shoes are alike. Some have spikes, many have nubs for traction. Some have saddles, while others are one solid color. Some feature leather, and many more still nowadays are dressed like an athletic shoe.

With so many different options available to a golfer, it's hard to settle on a single pair of golf shoes. The end result is a lot of golfers have shelves full of spikes in their closet, garage or club locker just to cover all the bases. Meanwhile, almost none of those pairs feel true to your personality.

But what if I told you that you could have a pair of custom men's golf shoes without paying the artisan price? And what if I told you another custom pair would cost $40?

If that sounds great to you, then we urge you to check out Jack Grace golf shoes.

Created and designed in the USA, Jack Grace offers golfers a unique proposition. You pick a base color shoe -- white, black or grey -- and then you can purchase interchangeable saddles from a wide-reaching collection that appeals to most every golfer's taste.

The spikeless base shoes are well made, featuring waterproof leather uppers and leather lining. The lightweight EVA midsole provides ample cushioning to keep a golfer fresh throughout the round. The outsole features plenty of traction elements to keep you connected to the turf or the sand for any kind of shot. The classic saddle style pairs well with most any clothes you could wear on the course.

The saddle choices range from classic solids, to floral print patterns, to argyle patterns and so much more. Jack Grace offers state flag collections, camo and seasonal designs, and all kinds of ways to express your passions and personality. The kicker with the saddles is that they not only use premium leather, but they also come with matching laces that can also be swapped to get an even more customized look.

Removing and replacing saddles is easy with the patent-pending Hidden Channel Technology system. Each saddle comes pre-cut to fit your shoe's sizing and has small magnetic strips and velcro on the inside of the saddle. The saddle ends each fit into a hidden channel behind the welt and are locked in place with a corresponding magnet. The velcro on the inside of the saddle connects with matching velcro receptors on the top of the upper.

The shoe's tongue is connecting to the upper and is independent of the saddle. With the saddle attached, you can tighten the shoe to a custom fit by simply pulling the laces tighter to bring the shoe to the right fit. Tying the shoes like any normal pair will have you ready to play and look you best.

Then when you feel like a change, new saddles are just a few clicks away.

Every time you play golf in Jack Grace golf shoes, someone will come up to you wondering where you got your new shoes. They're a conversation starter, and you'll leave your friends and golf partners wondering how to get their own custom pair.

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