Golf, horse racing and football: How to bet these sports
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Golf, horse racing and football: How to bet these sports

The sports and gambling industries has worked for hand-in-hand to come up with an incredibly entertaining wagering process called sports betting. Ever since sports betting began, every sport has attracted millions of fans all over the world to partake in sports wagering process.

Bookmakers have also made a way of creating various betting categories for each sport so people can maximize their budget, making sure that they end up with profitable betting action.

There are a lot of sports you can bet. Some of the most popular sports are golf, football, basketball and horse racing. These sports have taken sports betting to a whole new level by offering a multitude of sports betting during matches and for the future. For some bettors, they even dedicate their full time of studying thoroughly the entries they’re going to bet.

In today’s article, we will show you some popular sports where betting offers great entertainment value for every sports fan. These sports are also played year-round and watched by millions of sports fans all over the world. Let’s go ahead and discuss how you can place your bets in these sports.

Betting on golf

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the betting world. In the course of all given sports in the sports industry, it is considered to be an expensive sport and at the same time a costly sport to win.  Despite the fact that it’s high-priced, bettors are still putting a great amount waging for their best entry.

In betting for golf, you have to specifically pick a winner. Typically in a golf tournament, all bookmakers list up to 30 entries which are of course composed of individual golfers. Bookmakers will show various odds for these golfers and it’s up to you to study the odds and bet for your winning entry.

Also, another form of golf betting is the match-up. In this case, two players are being paired in a head-to-head game. A betting line is set by the bookmakers and whoever gets the lower bet will win the match.

Betting on horse racing

Dubbed the Sport of Kings, horse racing has brought a lot of betting categories for every sports fan to pick. Technically, horse racing is the only sport that brings the most categories for betting in which every bettor can maximize their budget. Aside from that, compared to some sports where there are only two persons or two teams involved, the horse racing tournament is often attended by more than 20 entries. In that sense, you have options to look at in order to pick the right winner.

The Triple Crown season is nearly underway. This is composed of Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Together with the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes 2019 betting comes in several categories. Win, Place and Show are the most common formats they follow. It asks you to bet for the horse racing entry who would come first, second and third in any order.

Lastly, Superfecta, Trifecta and Exacta are harder versions of horse race betting because you need to predict the horse racer who would finish as first, second and/or third in the right and exact order. Make sure that you do your research of each horse racer before you place your bet to make sure that you do not put your money into waste.

Betting on football

Football, or soccer, is also one of the most popular sport you can find in any given country.

(In the United States, you will find the NFL and Superbowl showcasing the most prestigious football tournament attended by international teams represented by different countries.)

Ideally, football is competed by two teams. To bet this type of sports is easy because you only need to bet for your best team. You will not find complicated odds while betting in this sport because it’s the count of goals that the team earned in order to be the winner. In some cases, many experts bettors tend to bet for their most favorite team. The team who has gained a lot of popularity deems the highest bet. You’ll observe a usual betting pattern when you wage for this sport.

In some cases, football bookmakers also open a category called half-time betting. In this case, you can wage for the team who can tally the most number of goal before they reach the half-time. There are specific amounts laid out in order for you to win. Lastly, the results of this came can either be a win, a lose, or a draw only.

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