Why the popularity of golf is in doldrums
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Why the popularity of golf is in doldrums

If you happen to ask children about their favorite sports, the answers will be baseball, cricket, football, or rugby. However, hardly any will give you the answer as golf.

In the heyday of golf, the sport used to get maximum media coverage through newspapers and TV channels. Print media used to employ the best of their essay writers or golf journalists to cover the sport, but nowadays the popularity of golf is slowly dwindling. Following are some of the major reasons that contribute towards the rapidly declining popularity of the sport of golf among the masses.

Why the popularity of golf is on the decline?

  • Hectic daily routines: The modern world has given us a lot in the form of technology. However, at the same time, people have become a lot busier. In whatever little time people get, they prefer watching movies or TV shows or their mobile devices rather than participating in sports or any outdoor activities. Even if people participate in sports, they will largely prefer activities which doesn’t require much of a time to play and get over with. Children do not develop an interest in golf as they learn more about the other sports from their parents rather than golf.
  • It requires more money to play golf: An elaborate set of clubs for golf is, certainly, expensive. While there are discounted clubs, it is far more affordable to play other games. For cricket, you simply require wickets, bat, and a ball. For football, you just require football as the necessary equipment. In today’s time when everybody has so many non-avoidable expenses to deal with, it seems unnecessary to spend huge bucks on acquiring golf clubs and membership.
  • Kids aren't interested in golf: With so much to do in a day, kids hardly have time to devote to golf. Even if more time is there, there are other distractions like Xbox and Playstation.
  • Golf is not evolving: While every other sport is embracing new technology and innovation golf is hardly evolving. It is far more difficult to learn golf in its current state as compared to other sports.

Final Words

So, these were the primary reasons behind the rapidly declining popularity of golf. It is high time now and if efforts are not put in place soon, we might not be able to save the sport and retain its former glory.

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