Golf betting tips for beginners
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Golf betting tips for beginners

Golf might not be the world’s most popular sport, but it is still favoured by many. Curiously, a lot of fans bet on the sport, and there are even professional golf bettors, too. Indeed, if you learn how to read odds and adopt a strict bankroll management strategy, you might make a substantial profit through golf betting.

When we talk about golf betting, we should mention that several tournaments receive a lot of attention from bookmakers, which results in a vast diversity of golf betting options. Namely, the most popular golf tournaments to bet one are the Open, the US Open, the PGA, as well as the Masters. Of course, it is also possible to wager on less-popular tournaments, but you should know that less common markets rarely include as much betting options as popular ones.

It should also be noted that, especially if you are a beginner at golf betting, you should take experts’ betting tips into account – that is the only way to obtain a more in-depth understanding on how betting on golf works.

1. Know What Betting Options You Have

First and foremost, it is important to learn what types of bets you can place as well as how different bets work in order to become a successful punter. Most commonly, punters bet on tournament or match winner, but it is also possible to place bets on players’ score, choosing the golfer with the highest or the lowest score in a competition.

2. Research as Many Players as Possible

As in any sport, there are a lot of elite players in golf that tend to receive a lot of attention from players. When you bet on such players, you can not make a decent profit, though. So, it is always a good idea to follow the action just below the radar – there are tens of good golfers just below the elite group who win tournaments.

To be a successful punter, you should invest time in learning as much as you can about different players and never focus on elites exclusively. Remember that elites are not the only golfers in the business and always research less popular players, as they can bring huge wins.

3. Always Shop for the Best Odds

You may not know this, but different betting sites propose various odds for one and the same event. As you know, the odds determine your payout, and that is why it is important to research different sportsbooks before placing a bet.

It should also be noted that bookmakers do not tend to offer good or bad odds for a prolonged period of time, and that is why you should not stick to one bookie just because they offer you good odds for several events.

Overall, if you want to make a decent payout through golf betting, always spend time shopping for the best odds.

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4. Avoid Betting on Inexperienced Players

One of the best things about golf is that it is easy to differentiate the good golfers from those who perform poorly. If you want to be a successful punter, we advise you to avoid betting on inexperienced players; the risk is not worth it.

5. Consider Player Aims

As you probably know, golf players have weekly aims. For example, one player might need to end up in the top three in order to ascend the world rankings and thus qualify for the next golf championship. Whatever the case, by focusing on such weekly aims, players can tremendously increase their motivation. As you know, motivation plays a big role in every sport, and often times the players/teams with higher motivation end up winning.

With this in mind, you should always consider player aims when placing a bet. Think about how motivated the player is as well as whether their objectives are really achievable.

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