This guy chipping sidesaddle at the Dunhill Links is absolutely mesmerizing
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This guy chipping sidesaddle at the Dunhill Links is absolutely mesmerizing

You've seen a golfer putting sidesaddle. They stand to one side or the other of the ball, swinging the putter back and forth on a direct path toward the desired aiming point. Bryson DeChambeau tried it for a few weeks on the PGA Tour, and Sam Snead made the style famous in first place.

But have you ever seen a golfer chipping sidesaddle? Same setup, same motion, but chipping?

Well, now you have.

Tron Carter from No Laying Up is over in Scotland for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the European Tour, along with friend Zac Blair, who's competing in the European Tour event. Ahead of Thursday's first round, Carter caught one of the 168 amateurs competing over three days at Kingsbarns, Carnoustie and host the Old Course warming up for Day 1 with some mind-blowing sidesaddle chipping.

Just look at this.

OK, so the guy has a chipper, which is basically a really lofted putter. And it has a shaft on it like a putter you'd use to putt sidesaddle. But that's a lot of work to get to a club that would allow you to chip sidesaddle.

First, you have to first conceive of the idea of chipping sidesaddle. Then you have to realize doing so with a wedge with wedge-like bounce is basically impossible. Then you have to find a chipped you like, and settle on that. Then you have to take it to a clubmaker or professional who could then replace the standard shaft and grip that came with said chipper and convince them to throw a sidesaddle putter shaft in there with a grip.

And then you have to practice that kind of chipping, in private, so no one can see the shame in your eyes. Then you develop confidence, and you begin to convince yourself you've discovered a golf cheat code. You're the secret. After a while, you decide to put that new weapon in the bag and share it with the general public. Maybe you tell your spouse or partner first, just to make sure you're a genius, not crazy. You endure strange looks, soul-piercing questions and silent embarrassment-turned-indignation at your golf choice.

And then, and only after enduring all that, do you decide, Screw it, I'm going to potentially appear on worldwide television; now's the time to share this with the people.

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