Tour Edge announces value-priced, full-featured Exotics EXS driver, fairway woods and hybrids

Tour Edge announces value-priced, full-featured Exotics EXS driver, fairway woods and hybrids


Tour Edge Golf has made its hay in recent years in two big buckets: the cult-favorite Exotics series and with value-priced, full-featured equipment like the Hot Launch line, which has been a big winner for value-minded players.

Tour Edge is kind of bringing the two lines together for their newest driver offering, the Exotics EXS, with a design true to the Exotics brand while charging just $300 for the club.

The Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver has what the company dubs Dual Carbon Fiber placement, with a carbon fiber crown and an additional insertion of the material in the toe portion of the sole to move discretionary weight in a back-and-low center-of-gravity position while increasing the MOI of the driver from heel to toe. The carbon fiber was also used to improve acoustics and enable the Flight Tuning System.

Flight Tuning System, which consists of two weight ports -- one in the back sole, one near the heel -- with 3- and 9-gram weights to adjust center of gravity and draw bias. Additional weights are available in a separate kit. There's also an adjustable hosel with 3 degrees (up 2, down 1) of loft adjustment and three lie-angle settings to make the driver sit more upright.

The driver face insert is made from TSP 910 Beta Titanium, featuring variable face thickness with the thinnest total product in an Exotics driver. The face insert is combined with an 811 Titanium body. The face itself employs what the company calls RollFace Technology, which modifies traditional bulge-and-roll design specifically on the toe to improve dispersion on the most commen driver miss.

The EXS driver features a new aerodynamics package with a more sloping crown with a tapered head profile, as well wider speed channels on the SlipStream sole for improved clubhead speed.

The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft is the stock offering, mixing carbon fiber and Kevlar with other materials to create a weight range of 50 grams in Ladies, A and regular flexes, with 60-gram option in regular, stiff and X-stiff flexes. There's a 70-gram option for stiff and X-stiff flexes.

The Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver is available Nov. 1 for $300 in 9.5- and 10.5-degree heads.

The Exotics EXS line isn't limited to a driver, however, as the company has announced (as expected) EXS fairway woods and hybrids. This is their bread and butter after all.

The fairway woods feature the Flight Tuning System, too, with an 11-gram weight in the heel and a 3-gram weight in the back for a draw bias producing lower spin and a medium launch. That config can be reversed to promote a mid-spin, higher-launching profile. Of course, an additional weight kit is available. The center of gravity is positioned more forward, so as to create a lower spin profile before the weight ports are configured. The carbon fiber positioned in the toe, like with the driver, allows for a more precise center-of-gravity placement.

The head is made with Capenter steel, while a cup face design allows for an even thinner, variable-thickness face than prior Tour Edge models. The improved SlipStream speed channels on the sole are designed to increase clubhead speed thanks to better turf interaction.

The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series is stock for these clubs, coming in 50- (ladies, A-flex, regular), 60- (regular, stiff, X-stiff) and 70-gram (stiff, X-stiff) options. There are 13-, 15- and 17-degree 3-woods, an 18-degree 5-wood and a-21 degree 7-wood. The Exotics EXS fairway woods will go for $230 each.

The Exotics EXS hybrids also have the Flight Tuning System, allowing for a single sole weight to be changed in and out to dial in center of gravity and spin. The higher the weight, the lower the spin and higher launch. It's designed out the gate to launch a little lower and get through the wind. A Japanese HT980 steel cup face delivers improved ball speeds, while a SlipStream sole helps with turf interaction for a smooth club delivery.

The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series is stock for these clubs, coming in 50- (ladies, A-flex, regular), 60- (regular, stiff, X-stiff) and 70-gram (stiff, X-stiff) options. They are available in 17-, 19-, 22-, 25- and 28-degrees heads for $200 each.


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