Mizuno Golf unveils JPX 919, JPX 919 Hot Metal and 919 Tour irons

Mizuno Golf unveils JPX 919, JPX 919 Hot Metal and JPX 919 Tour irons

When I think of irons, Mizuno Golf is one of the companies that jumps right into my mind. I've played their irons a lot over the years, and they just tend to fit my eye. However, I'm one of those guys who tends to favor little offset, a thinner topline and sole, as well a classic, understated look. While that might describe a lot of golfers, there are plenty who would love the Mizuno package in a slightly-more-forgiving style. That's what the JPX line is all about, offering a broader set of players many of the same features you'd find in the MP line.

For 2019, Mizuno Golf's 919 offerings are a little more like their MP-18 cousins than perhaps past JPX generations have been like their MP forebears. The goal is the same, but the aesthetic is more similar, in a good way.

The JPX 919 line has three irons in it: the JPX 919 Hot Metal, the JPX 919 Forged and the JPX 919 Tour irons.

JPX 919 Forged irons

The JPX 919 Forged irons are made using the same Grain Flow Forged HD process used for the MP-18 irons (as well the JPX 919 Tours), using a 1025E mild carbon steel packed more densely in the bottom of the head for better feel. That carbon steel also features boron, in a few parts per million, making it a stronger alloy so the face could be made thinner for more ball speed and distance. The face works in conjunction with a sole channel (invisible to the eye).

The topline, as you'd guess, is a little wider than your MP series iron. Weight has also been moved toward the toe to position the center of gravity lower and near the impact area for more ball speed.

But unlike those other two clubs, boron was added to the steel in the JPX 919 Forged, making it stronger. That allowed Mizuno designers to make the CNC-milled face thinner, so the hitting area flexes more efficiently at impact to create more ball speed.

The JPX 919 Forged irons are sold for $163 per club with True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 steel shafts or Project X LZ graphite shafts.

JPX 919 Hot Metal irons

The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons are like the wild child of the family. The Hot Metal series has always been the one to promote max distance and forgiveness within Mizuno's sensibilities, and that continues this generation.

The irons are cast using Chromoly 4140M, which is stronger than the 1025E mild carbon steel found in the forged Mizuno clubs. That led to the creation of a cup face in these irons, which doesn't sound very Mizuno, but it's a seamless cup geometry, meaning it's not welded onto the body at the end. That seamless design eliminates extra weight from soldering.

Like the 919 Forged irons, weight was moved toward the toe (and the hitting area) to drive down the center of gravity for higher launch and a steeper drop out of the air. The Stability Frame, as it's dubbed, is most noticeable in the cavity design in the back.

The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons are sold for $125 per club with Nippon Modus3 Pro 105 steel shafts.

JPX 919 Tour irons

You could be someone like me, who can be swayed into playing a longer, bigger blade with more technology and stability. I don't need more distance (at least, unreliable distance), but the forgiveness is nice.

If you're like me, then you might go for the JPX 919 Tour irons. You're not like Brooks Koepka, who won the last two US Opens with a version of these, but you could be like me.

The JPX 919 Tours, like the JPX 919 Forged, are made using the same Grain Flow Forged HD process used for the MP-18 irons (as well the JPX 919 Tours), using a 1025E mild carbon steel packed more densely in the bottom of the head for better feel. However, there's no boron in the single-billet approach. These irons aren't musclebacks, but instead they have a mild modern minimalist cavity look. It's subtle, but it allows for weight movement seen in the other 919 irons -- toward the toe, driving down CG. The long irons are said to launch higher.

These irons don't have so-called "jacked" lofts, and the pearl brush finish is designed to reduce glare in the address position.

The JPX 919 Tour irons are available for $150 per club with True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 steel shafts.

All of the Mizuno Golf JPX 919 irons are available Sept. 19.

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