Is betting on golf different than other sports?
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Is betting on golf different than other sports?

Betting on golf is almost ubiquitous across Europe. New changes in American law are bringing it to the forefront there as well. With so many people now interested in this incredibly careful sport and its odds, though, you may be wondering whether the process of betting on it is different from the process of betting on other sports, and in most cases, the answer is a resounding yes, and understanding how to get started is the key to creating a win.

Step 1: Find a Good Partner

The first step in any betting process is the same, you'll want to find a sports book to help. In countries like the UK, you can typically find those around the corner. In other places, though, you may have to look to reputable online betting sites  that offer golf betting. If you go the online route, check for reviews to make sure you're getting a site you can trust.

Step 2: Learn How the Odds Work

In many cases, particularly if you're working with a good site or sports book, you'll find learning about the odds in any one tournament or for any given player fairly easy. Many list them fractionally. For example, Brandt Snedecker might have a listing of 10 - to - 1 at the Wyndham Championships. If he wins, that means your stake will be multiplied by ten. In some cases, you might see money lines for a given bet. That usually means how much money you might win if you bet $100. For example, if Snedecker was +1300, you'd win your original $100 back and $1300 on top of that.

If you've never worked with odds before, it's important to note that they don't necessarily reflect the forecast of a player or a given tournament. Sure, that's certainly a factor, but the number actually is a better reflection of what most people think will happen for a player or during the course of a tournament. Additionally, if the public doesn't like a particular set of odds, a book may need to shift things to get more bets in one direction or another.

Step 3: Decide WHAT You're Betting On

Some people bet on players to win a given tournament. For example, you may bet that Dustin Johnson will take the upcoming Northern Trust. While that's a really common type of bet to make, it doesn't mean it's the only kind of bet. You could bet on a player's first round score. You could bet on the winning margin. You could even bet by nationalities. These are called proposition bets, and they're usually bets that are made that look at circumstances in a given setting, not necessarily the outcome as a whole.

Step 4: Devise the Right Strategy

While there's never a plan that is fool-proof, there are certain ideas that you can use to help make better bets. Your best bet is to do some studying. Read the lists of forecasts and predictions. Keep a few ideas in mind. The favored players almost never win. Likewise, if the odds are 100 - 1 or more, the player probably isn't going to win. Keep an eye on the players who are showing some strength in the strokes gained category. It's a good predictor of success in the future. Know the values that will help increase your winnings. Those in the teens usually don't bring that much of a return. Think driving and iron play when you look at your stats. Watch those weather forecasts. They can change a way a player performs. Finally, try not to combine your bets. Focus on one category to increase your chances of success.

Golf is entering a new era, and there are many fantastic rising stars coming up. It's never been a more exciting time to be a golf bettor, and with the right plan in place, you could be looking at some wonderful wins in the coming days.   

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