Odyssey Golf's Red Ball putter aims to help struggling golfers make more putts

Odyssey Golf’s Red Ball putter aims to help struggling golfers make more putts

Two things determine whether any putt goes in the hole: line and speed. If you get line wrong -- at least outside the acceptable range of line and speed combinations -- then the putt doesn't go down.

Odyssey Golf is hoping to help more struggling golfers with the line and alignment with the new Red Ball putter line.

The namesake of the putter is a red ball-looking feature inside the scope of the putter. The intent is to make the feature very easy to aim, particularly when contrasting that ball inside the black-and-white Versa framing. In effect, there are multiple ways to line up the ball toward the intended target line.

The Red Ball putter is a face-balanced mallet, which has hollowed out weight to expose the red ball, ultimately moving weight to the perimeter for higher moment of inertia (MOI) and more forgiveness on putts struck across the face. Odyssey rounds out the putter with the White Hot RX insert to get the ball rolling forward more quickly and consistently.

The Odyssey Red Ball putter is available July 20 for $180 each.

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