How to write a helpful guide for beginning golfers
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How to write a helpful guide for beginning golfers

by Naeem K Manz

It was 2016 when golf came back to the big Olympic family after more than a century break, giving golfers that dream of having a chance to get that shiny gold medal if you work hard enough. But before you start packing for your first summer Olympics, you need to go down the whole long and excruciating path in order to master your golf skills.

So why not document your journey from golf beginner to elite with a blog? It's fun!

However, there are so many aspects that you need to take into consideration before starting your blog. You'll probably want to make some progress with your game first. This way, you'll be able to share your own experience and even personal golf hacks with other newcomers. This will make the content of your blog more valuable. 

Of course, you may have some struggles at first, and that's why we've produced this handy guide to help you. And if all else fails, you can always address a great writing service which will help you out. All you need to do is to type in “write my paper for me” in your search engine of choice, and scores of qualified writers will be willing to put your thoughts into words.

As far as getting started, here's what we recommend.


Every kind of sport has its own unique and specific words that its participants are supposed to be familiar with and know how to use in context. If you're writing a guide for beginners, the terminology is the first thing that you should get them familiarized with. Without this knowledge, it would be practically impossible to get around. Have you ever watched a sports news broadcast which gave you literally no understanding of the topic? It's because the terms are super specific. Besides, every kind of sport has a bunch of idioms the meaning of which you'll never guess without a trainer. Axis, balata, bogey and many other words which sound like Klingon language will become the music to the ears of golfers, so you should bring those down to your readers.


Golf rules are complicated, numerous and take a lot of explanation. Lots of avid players have no clue about many of the rules. Imagine teaching a beginner! This is where your blog can stand out. Use pictures, gifs and short videos in order to visualize the basic rules. Don't go into too much detail; you may scare away a potential golfer with all of the must-dos. With enough concise specifics, they'll get the gist.


Give a heads up on the equipment that all golfers need in order to practice their skills. It would be helpful if you also mention an average price for the necessary items. Golf is one of the most expensive sports, but golfers need to know how much they'll need to pay to get started and how much it costs to maintain the hobby. Explain to your audience the basics of selecting equipment for starters, where to get it and how to take care of it. Talk your readers out of the expectation they have to get the latest-and-greatest equipment.


Golf is a sport that's practically impossible to learn by yourself. Between the awkward physical movements, the varied shot demands and the mental game, there's a lot to uncover. It's complicated, and it will be almost impossible for a beginner to learn all the rules from the tutorial videos on YouTube. Give personal recommendations on how to choose an instructor or a coach.


Golf may not seem physically demanding on the surface, but physical fitness goes a long way in golf. Being able to maintain stamina through a four- or five-hour round is key to performance. Explaining to golfers the keys to being in golf shape -- both physically and mentally -- is a must.


This is a very serious issue for all professional and amateur golfers. The culture that this sport embraces is incredibly rich. Sometimes, it's even perceived as a more important attribute than the game itself. Golf is considered to be the sport of millionaires and the wealthy, though that's not entirely true. Make golf accessible, not stuffy. Explain the etiquette specifics to your readers. They can be bad at golf, but they are supposed to know how to carry themselves with dignity at the course.

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