How to watch and Masters streams if you're not in the United States

How to watch and Masters streams if you’re not in the United States

The Masters live streaming is one of the best things about the tournament, allowing fans to follow three digital channels well before the network broadcasts from ESPN and CBS air and are shared around the world on partners like TSN in Canada and Sky Sports in the United Kingdom.

However, for fans outside the United States, watching Masters streams on and the Masters app isn't a possibility without some technical savant on their part. That's because the streams are geofenced to only allow connections from the United States to get through.

The good news for golf fans outside of the United States is, for just a few bucks or less, they can make it look like they have a connection from the United States and watch the Masters live streams from Amen Corner, Holes 15 and 16 and the Featured Groups channel.

You have to get a Virtual Private Network, a VPN for short, to get you a connection to the Internet through an American server. This is precisely a function of VPNs, allowing a user to connect to the Internet through a different server, one which could be located in a different country. The connection to another server is done over the Internet, but it's private and encrypted. Since your connection to the VPN is encrypted, it's difficult if not impossible for a website to figure out your connection's original, true location.

One virtual private network we've used in the past with success is Just Proxy VPN, which you can use on your Google Chrome browser, or your Android device or iPhone and iPad to connect to servers in a variety of different countries, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It costs $2 for the year (yes, the year) to use unlimited times, and you're really only bound by your data plan as to what you can do with it.

Some overseas users have reported trouble with their VPN choices in connecting directly to, but you can go to and get coverage there as well with a VPN connection.

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