Expanding US supermarket chain Lidl to sell Crivit golf balls in stores in April

Expanding US supermarket chain Lidl to sell Crivit golf balls in stores in April


There are several new grocery-store imports expanding rapidly across the United States, and a pair of them have German roots. One of them is Lidl, which headquartered in the US in Northern Virginia in 2015 and is growing its American footprint rapidly. The stores offer no-frills shopping experiences, with generic brands and look-a-likes to a lot of your more recognizable food items. Lidl sells those items and other groceries, however, at super low prices, making their stores popular in several East Coast states (Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina).

Now Lidl is bringing to the US a line of golf balls it has been selling in a number of its overseas stores for years. Beginning April 15, Lidl locations will sell their Crivit golf balls for $10 per dozen. These three-piece golf balls have a Surlyn cover.

Lidl will also sell a number of other golf products under the Crivit name, including a mallet-style putter for $20 and a waterproof cart bag for $100. A push cart will be available for $70. The products will hit Lidl stores April 15.

Polo shirts and water-resistant jackets will also be forthcoming, available in the stores' Surprise section.


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