PXG introduces 0311 Gen 2 line, with four new sets of irons
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PXG introduces 0311 Gen 2 line, with four new sets of irons

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) founder Dr. Bob Parsons has pretty well telegraphed he wasn't going to introduce new equipment for the sake of tinkering. He would only introduce new generations of irons if the new design could smash up the old one. After three years, Parsons' team came up with the answer, and PXG has unveiled the sequel: four sets of irons under the 0311 Gen 2 moniker.

Just to get this out of the way, the irons are not inexpensive. They're $400 each. Each. That means a seven-piece set will set you back $2,800, more or less. PXG is the American OG of sorts in the luxury iron category, and that's not changing anytime soon.

Alright, back to the 0311 Gen 2. These are a full-on overhaul of the 0311 line, which has seen add-ons in the last three years ranging from driving irons to an all-black look that was gorgeous. These sets -- 0311T, 0311P, 0311XF and 0311 SGI -- are all new, even adding that SGI (super game improvement) option for the first time.

The big key here is a new material to replace the TPE used in the original generation of PXG irons. This material is not only used to dampen vibration and improve sound and feel, but it also leads to better ball speeds. The company says the new material transfers more energy to the ball from the club, meaning 1-2 mph more in ball speed per club.

The internal face perimeter within the head has also been improved, cutting out a more functional contact zone to optimize speed and improve forgiveness. The company says dispersion is much tighter bother laterally and depth-wise. The head materials now use 8620 carbon steel instead of S25C steel, and that should improve weathering as well feel. The face remains HT1770 maraging steel. The sole geometry has changed, and there are fewer of the distinctive weight screws, going down from 11 with the original offering to nine in this design.

The company’s hallmark weights remain, but there are fewer of them. The original 0311 had 11 weights before a running change was made, reducing it to 10 by taking one away from the toe area. The new model has nine, taking yet another weight from the toe section, the result of the new design. (They're on the back of the iron anyhow, so that shouldn't matter.)

The irons all look similar, which is by design. If you pay for the PXG product, you want the PXG look, no matter your skill level.

The 0311SGI Gen 2s
The 0311T Gen 2s

The 0311T irons are basically the same specs as the prior generation, and the 0311P irons replace the original 0311s, thinning the topline and reducing the offset. The 0311XF irons have less sole camber and very slightly more offset. The o311SGI irons have wide soles and a lower, deeper profile to help get the ball launching in the air.

The new 0311 Gen 2 driving iron

The new driving irons look mighty nice, and they're available in 1- through 5-iron lofts.

The new PXG 0311 Gen 2 irons are available at $400 per iron -- steel or graphite -- with the standard steel look, with the Xtreme Dark matte black coating available for $500 per iron. They're all available April 19.

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