SPOTTED: Callaway Golf's Rogue and Rogue Pro irons

SPOTTED: Callaway Golf’s Rogue and Rogue Pro irons

If you've looked hard enough, you've probably seen pictures, or in person, the new Callaway Rogue drivers. They're meant to be a replacement of sorts for the XR line, and they're bringing in Jailbreak technology to fairway woods, which probably has a lot of gearheads salivating.

Accompanying the Rogue drivers and fairway woods galore are the Rogue and Rogue Pro irons. If you're in the media illuminati (we're not there yet, but something to strive for), then you're aware of the irons and have info ready to go whenever the embargo lifts. However, that embargo for media hasn't stopped retailers and fitters from starting to show off the equipment on social media. Like these guys in Palm Desert!

(Truly, it's an odd system. Club companies want to get out a coordinated message with their staffers and accounts, and they don't want media to step in front of that. However, they realize media want to have a story the second they can, so the club companies often provide information ahead of time and ask publishers/media to respect what's dubbed an embargo. That doesn't mean, pardon the pun, rogue retailers, reps or others will refrain from showing off the new goodies.)

So, you obviously can't tell everything going on with an iron by just looking at the back badging. You can tell a cup face design is back, as it's a mainstay of their irons. The Pro model is obviously more compact. Weight distribution in the back badging is substantially different, too, being more spread out in the standard Rogue irons.

We don't get the sense these are billed to replace the very long Epic and Epic Pro irons, but perhaps offer some of the benefits in a sub-$200-per-iron package.

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