2017 18 Days of Golf, Gift 9: Blast Motion Golf
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2017 18 Days of Golf, Gift 9: Blast Motion Golf

For Gift 9 of the 2017 18 Days of Golf, we're helping you improve your putting in 2018 with one of the best game-performance tracking tools in the market.

Blast Motion makes products which track player and athlete movement in a variety of sports, including basketball and baseball, as well golf. Blast's golf tool, in particular, is designed to track both putts and full-swing performance. With a sensor screwed into the butt end of your clubs' grips, the Blast Motion app -- which connects to the sensor via Bluetooth -- is able to capture full-swing video  for detailed analysis and overlay critical information about your action.

When it comes to putting, Blast Motion can tell you about your tempo, face and lie angle, fore- and backstroke rotation and length, speed of the stroke and more. On full-swing shots, Blast Motion can tell you about swing speeds, tempo, efficiency and energy direction. This is powerful data, particularly when you're well aware of your swing or working with an instructor who is trying to help you fine-tune specific facets of your game. When combined with Blast Motion's app and the array of instructional content you can access, you can quickly get the info you need to improve your game.

There are also four new features in the Blast app for golf, which should prove helpful:

  • Swing comparisons: Compare two swings side-by-side, auto-synced at impact with Blast’s adaptive slow-mo technology, allowing detailed swing analysis.
  • Blast Levels: Determine your skill level and follow a training plan and learn to master timing, speed and direction.
  • Goal setting: Review recommended metric ranges based on your level of play or set your own target to hit.
  • Portrait video: Record video in landscape or portrait mode, allowing you to get the shot you need for HD video analysis.

We're giving away a Blast Motion Golf sensor -- a $150 value! -- through our Twitter account! All you have to do to enter is follow @GolfNewsNet on Twitter and retweet our Blast Motion contest tweet before 12/29 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Good luck!

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