Who are the five greatest golfers of all-time?
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Who are the five greatest golfers of all-time?

Golf's ultimate question -- just like in any other sport -- is an easy one: Who is the greatest of all-time? Who's the mountain GOAT?

The thing with any top or list that claims to contain the best or greatest is that it will always be vulnerable to subjectivity and endless debate. Even so, when looking back through history, you can’t help but notice the remarkable feats of golfers that really deserve recognition. (If you're thinking of backing out of enjoying this debate piece, enjoy some free slots here right now.)

Nonetheless, we persist. Here are the top five golfers of all time.

5. Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer is the winner of 7 majors and 62 times on the PGA Tour. The King is often identified as the first true golf superstar of the TV era since his career boomed at the same exact time when golf first started being broadcast on TV. With a spread of victories of over 18 years, Arnold really managed to change the way golf looked and felt. However, his best major years were limited, winning all of his seven major trophies in six years.

4. Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan had 62 PGA Tour wins, but he edged Palmer with nine major titles. The Hawk had his best season in 1953, when he won five of the six tournaments he played, including three majors. He did all of this after serving in the military during World War II as a pilot and surviving a violent car crash which nearly took his life. After doctors told him chances are he will never walk again, he came back and won another six majors -- a unique feat likely never to be equaled.

3. Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones is a unique story like Hogan, bagging 13 majors in a career which dominated the amateur and professional ranks. His career took place before the modern era of big professional championships, but his achievements are equally important. Winning the (then) Grand Slam in 1930, Jones is the only man in golf history to take golf's four biggest tournaments in a single year. Not to mention he was the driving force behind Augusta National and the Masters (then known as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament).

2. Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods has 14 majors 79 PGA tour titles. Is that good enough to be the greatest golfer ever? Perhaps. Woods may have more recognized PGA Tour wins than Jack Nicklaus, but he never caught him on the major tally, and that's enough to have him second. However, Tiger Woods is no doubt the most dominant golfer the sport has ever seen.

1. Jack Nicklaus
With 18 majors, 73 PGA Tours titles and a long list of records, Jack Nicklaus is the GOAT. His 18 majors may well never be caught. He was the first to cycle through the career Grand Slam three times. Jack Nicklaus is the best PGA golfer to have walked the earth.

So, there you have it -- the top five greatest golfers of all-time. And if you want to become a virtual golf genius in the company of these players, head here: casinonsvenska.eu

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