Golf Sticky Stats pads help you track your performance with good ole pencil and paper
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Golf Sticky Stats pads help you track your performance with good ole pencil and paper

Golfers who want to get better at golf should track their performance.

They should be tracking -- at a minimum -- how many fairways and greens in regulation they hit, putts per hole, penalty strokes and when they get up-and-down for pars.

By tracking their performance more specifically than their score, golfers can see patterns develop over time and help themselves understand how they play golf. If you know how you're arriving at the score you seem to shoot, give or take a few strokes, every weekend, then you know what you have to do to improve it. Maybe you bogey almost every hole where you don't hit the fairway. Maybe your up-and-down percentage is starts and ends with a zero. Maybe you can't seem to hit greens in regulation outside of 150 yards. All of those problems lead to a course of action to find a solution, or at least a way to mitigate the problem.

BUT, you can't address the problem if you don't know it exists.

That's where Golf Sticky Stats come to the rescue.

Golf-performance tracking has become a growing industry, and companies have developed modern technology which uses GPS, Bluetooth, mobile apps and sensors to plot your game and stats in real-time. However, those products use precious phone battery and can leave a golfer without much power to check in on other things during a round of golf. Or, perhaps you belong to a club which frowns upon using your phone while on club property. Or, maybe you prefer to leave your phone in your bag or your car while you play, using golf to get away from the hustle-and-bustle. Perhaps you don't want to invest a Benjamin or more for the product.

Golf Sticky Stats doesn't drain your phone's battery. It's not obtrusive. Clubs don't ban paper. And it's not expensive at all. But what Golf Sticky Stats will do is help you track and organize your golf stats on a separate sheet of paper that sticks right on your scorecard. You don't have to do what so many have done for years and use other rows of the scorecard to write down fairways and greens in regulation and putts. And you have room with Golf Sticky Stats to track more, like getting up-and-down, your penalty strokes and make other notes about the hole you just played. Then, when you're done, you can actually read what in the world you put down and do something with it.

Many golfers use spreadsheets or other data visualization software to enter their stats for long-term tracking. Some prefer a rudimentary approach, while others prefer tracking years of in-depth data. Depending on what you choose to track electronically and how you digest information, you can turn your Golf Sticky Stats data into actionable insights to get better instead of scratching your head at the 19th hole following each round, wondering how it got away from you.

Golf Sticky Stats are inexpensive, as low as $2.99 per pad in a 10 pack. Each pad comes with 25 sheets, so you can follow a season's worth of golf with just one or two. Other golfers would be thrilled to borrow them, too.

Head to Golf Sticky Stats' website for more information and to get started!

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