SPOTTED: Callaway Golf's Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero on USGA conforming list
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SPOTTED: Callaway Golf’s Rogue and Rogue Sub Zero on USGA conforming list

The long-rumored Callaway Golf Rogue driver -- as well a Sub Zero model -- have hit the USGA's conforming list of driver heads.

The heads hit on the Nov. 20 list, which is published each Monday, and so they're now able to be used in USGA-sanctioned (and R&A) competition. Obviously there won't be much of that in the United States between now and the start of 2018, but the European Tour is in full effect and there are always other professional events happening.

We haven't heard the full details on the Rogue. And these pictures are just black and white, as are all the USGA conforming list pictures, so it's hard to discern a whole lot about the feature set. However, that doesn't stop us from trying!

At first glance, the basic geometry and engineering features of the Rogue driver and the Rogue Sub Zero driver don't look all that different from the Epic drivers. Not knowing the color scheme (sounds like black and light blue), there could be differences there. However, unlike the Epic, there's not a series of V-shaped elements connecting parts of the head together. In the Rogue, there's a name-plate element showing off the returning Jailbreak Technology running from face to the back of the sole.

The Rogue only has a single weight, probably not adjustable, in the back. Gone from the Rogue compared to the Epic is the weight slider in the back of the sole that would create a draw or fade bias. The Sub Zero has front and back weights that could likely be adjusted for center of gravity purposes.

Of course, there are adjustable elements in the hosel, and that's not too different-looking.

You would assume carbon fiber remains a big element of the design, but that's not apparent here.

We'll have to see what's coming from Callaway in terms of info, but at least we have some imagery to pique curiosity. Meanwhile, we've heard the fairway woods are the real story here, with Jailbreak Technology coming. Stay tuned.

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