The top 5 footballers (soccer players) who play golf
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The top 5 footballers (soccer players) who play golf

They are some of the world’s most acclaimed football players in history, and most of the times, the crowd and the supporters mainly associate them with the round-ball sport, extremely intense League and International matches, agility, speed, strength and goals. Taken into consideration the intensity of professional football training and the pregnant need to avoid injuries, one can only wonder what kind of sports are out there, that could be practised in full by football players without presenting any real risks to their main careers.

A perfect answer to this question and one that will take many soccer fans by surprise is golf. After putting behind the soliciting hours of training, the pressuring directives from coaches and the thrills and emotions from important matches, many football players will pick up the golf club and escape in a sport that offers an entirely opposite atmosphere. Come to think about it, golf is the perfect sport to help anyone out there detach from the above mentioned daily factors. With its extremely wide courses and perfect tranquillity as well as relaxed atmosphere during both amateur and professional sessions, golf is the perfect combination between a mind and body, and here are 5 famous football players that really got into this sport.

5. Andrei Shevchenko | Handicap: 2

Former AC Milan star Andrei Shevchenko has managed quite a great deal of impressive achievements during his career as a football player and is currently leading the National Team of Ukraine towards the 2018 World Cup from the coaching position. He was the first Ukrainian player to have ever won the Champions League, while back in 2005 he received the prestigious Golden Foot award. After acquiring a property in the exclusivist Wentworth Estate area, he also became a member of the Wentworth Golf Club. Against all golf odds, Shevchenko debuted on the course much like on the green field making quite a good impression.

4. Matt Le Tissier | Handicap: 5

Matt Le Tissier is one of the biggest legends of the Southampton team, and also one of the most creative midfielders in England’s National squad. Also known as “Le God”, Le Tissier has quickly reached the status of Pro-Am along the South Coast courses.

3. Alan Shearer | Handicap: 6

Premier’s League top scorer of all times, with an amazing record of 260 goals and a grand 422 career total, Alan Shearer retired from his professional football career back in 2006. Since that moment on, he dedicated his efforts to philanthropy and managed quite a great deal of inspiring humanitarian achievements, such as raising over £1.6 million pounds for fourteen different good causes. Ever since he started holding charity golf days through his humanitarian foundation, Shearer upped his game on the course. Not having made the golf betting tips this week yet, he is still considered one of the most skilled players of the Northumberland, Close House club.

2. Teddy Sheringham | Handicap: 6

After a prolific career of over 24 years, during which he won a multitude of prestigious cups and titles, Sheringham still remains the 10th best scorer in the history of the Premier League, even after all these years. He retired at the age of 42, after the 2008 season, orienting his sports skills to the gold course. After years of practice, Sheringham is now an extremely skilled opponent on the golf course and, when asked whom he would like most to play with, his swift answer is always Bobby Moore.

1. David Platt | Handicap: 7

David Platt’s official football career began when he was 22, after signing with Aston Villa. Already considered an extremely talented midfielder, with high goal scoring capacity, Platt’s performances in the League determined Sir Bobby Robinson to include him in the National Team. The top peak of his career occurred during the FIFA 1990 World Cup edition, where he truly shined in all instances of the midfielder’s position, scoring goal after goal with both head and feet. Retired after 1990, Platt started his own golf business, Major Golf, which gathered quite a great deal of notoriety.

In the end, golf truly presents all of the attributes and necessary ingredients for both active and retired football players, only at a much slower and calculated pace. All of the examples in this article, along with several other notable mentions, stand proof that there is indeed, life after football.

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