Wilson Staff Duo Soft golf balls keep compression low with more color options

Wilson Staff Duo Soft golf balls keep compression low with more color options

Wilson Golf made a bet on low-compression golf balls five years ago, releasing the Duo balls at 29-compression before the soft-ball trend became more widespread. Now the company has announced the next generation of its low-compression balls, dubbing them Duo Soft and Duo Soft Spin.

Both models come in at a fantastic $20 per dozen, though they're slightly different, but optimized for players swinging below 90 mph with the driver.

The Duo Soft ball is a two-piece product with a zinc-sodium-ionomer cover, designed to deliver the softest feel while killing driver spin so balls stay in play and go a long way. One of the primary changes in the new Duo Soft is a change to the depth of the dimples, making them almost 6 percent shallower to promote higher ball flight for added carry. The thinner cover helps make the ball more durable. The 3 percent larger core is there to transfer more energy at impact and add distance.

The Duo Soft is also available in a variety of colors with Optix matte finishes: pink, green, red, yellow, orange and white.

The Duo Soft Spin is a three-piece ball designed to provide more greenside control for players who seek performance a little closer to the grab you'd find in a Tour performance-style ball. The compression increased from 35-rating closer to 40-rating. The harder core and mantle layers were designed to deliver a more noticeable difference in short-iron performance, with the gap now about 13 percent higher spin than the Duo Soft compared to a 7 percent gap in the prior generation.

There's also a women's version of the Duo Soft, designed with the Duo Soft core but a slightly softer cover, and coming in a matte white finish only.

The Wilson Staff Duo Soft and Duo Soft Spin balls will be available Nov. 17.