Why Brooks Koepka was not the favorite to win the 2017 US Open
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Why Brooks Koepka was not the favorite to win the 2017 US Open

It was a worthy win for the American professional golfer Brooks Koepka, who was not considered by most as the favorite to win the US Open title. However, he was able to go against the odds and dominate the competition to clinch the win.

It was not easy as he was going up against the best in the golfing world who have won multiple titles this season. As such, his odds, on the board, were average and thus not a top contender, at the time. Luckily, he would triumph and register a critical win which would see him rise up in the rankings.

The following are reasons as to why he was not considered as a favorite in that tournament:

His latest PGA Tour win was in 2015

The odds did not go well with him on this. It was his unlucky performance that made it difficult to appear as a favorite to take the day in the entire tournament. However, it was a great opportunity for him to finish first as he had the best attitude going into the competition. Later on, he was able to showcase that attitude plus his skills in a place like Erin Hills and dominate other professional golfers, who had better odds.

Golfers younger than him were winning more frequently

Although he ranked top 20 in the world, he was with younger golfers in the same age category winning more than he did. As a result, it was difficult to pick him from the bunch as a favorite to win the 2017 US Open Golf Competition. He would later prove why experience, and the will to win, is key to being the best by showing consistency in his winning for the entire tournament.

He was not consistent in winning

Despite being a great golfer and a confident one, he was not winning as often as he would have wished. Luckily, he was true to his game plan and later paid off well. He would finish under par, 16 points ahead, in 4 days of the tournament to prove his worth in a major title. The inconsistency, however, will depend on how he performs in the subsequent golf tournaments. However, with a win and skills derived from the tournament, you can expect to see an improved golfer in Koepka.

He was one of few among his elite peers without a major title

It was depressing for him to be in such a position. Winning a major title was vital for him, and with the US Open tournament looming, he knew it was the time. However, the odds were not in his favor, again. As a young golfer, he would look to join his peer by winning the major title and adding more glamour to his resume. It came true for the 27-year old golfer and proved to be a great thing for his career moving forward.

A lot can be drawn from such an impressive performance by Koepka. If he keeps that up on his upcoming campaigns, fans and critics can expect him to add more such titles to his resume.

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