How golfers and golf fans can use Amazon Echo and Alexa for golf news, PGA Tour scores

How golfers, fans can use Amazon Echo and Alexa for golf news, PGA Tour scores

Amazon's Echo devices are fantastic. You can use them to ask Alexa to play music, order anything from Amazon, get pizza, change channels, get the weather, and the list goes on. That list of Echo skills includes a couple specifically for golfers to keep tabs on what's happening on the PGA Tour and in the sport in general.

Both the PGA Tour and Golf Channel have developed Echo skills which can be called upon when asking Alexa for things.

The PGA Tour's Echo skills allow fans to get tournament leaderboards or ask Alexa to give an update on how a specific player is doing. The PGA Tour offers three different questions or pieces of data you can ask:

“Alexa, ask PGA Tour for a leaderboard update.”

“Alexa, ask PGA Tour how Player X is doing.”

“Alexa, ask PGA Tour for the FedEx Cup standings.”

Golf Channel has also developed Echo skills fans can use to keep up with leaderboards and news from Golf Channel. Their commands are a little different.

"Alexa, ask Golf Channel for the latest golf news," which delivers a voiced-over update from one of the hosts of "Morning Drive."

"Alexa, ask Golf Channel for the Tour X leaderboard," which can include the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour, Tour and PGA Tour Champions.

Soon enough, you'll probably be able to book tee times using Amazon Echo and Alexa. For now, though, you can keep on the pulse of professional golf and the world of golf with Echo.

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