Donald Trump plays golf as the world goes haywire
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Donald Trump plays golf as the world goes haywire

Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of America, came into power in a somewhat unpopular manner. Barack Obama enjoyed the kind of second-term popularity that made dismiss the possibility of Trump presidency, saying during the campaign that he trusted Americans to know what is good for their country and vote accordingly in the elections.

But what many Americans deemed good for their country was actually different from what he conceived, and so they voted Trump in. Since then, it has been one attack after another and one criticism after another.

Now, the president is on a 17-day vacation at Trump's Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., but he is not leaving his official duties completely. Many Democrats have said he went to play golf when his office said he was going on a working vacation in one of his golf courses. What then is the meaning of a vacation, if some level of relaxation from work is not involved? Why not take advantage of golf tips like other pros would at this website?

Now, there has been a bit of controversy on the amount of times the president has played golf since taking office. It is said that he has been to his golf clubs for about 50 times since assuming office and that makes many voters unhappy. They are saying that he must have had some sort of golf action in each of those visit, and that this makes him the president with the highest golf action within such a short period. Perhaps some people are not happy that he will again come out to boast that he has played more golf than all others before him. He has done this on practically everything, right? Meanwhile, this could actually make for a good subject of live golf betting.

So, after the White House informed people about the vacation, which he is taking because of a long scheduled maintenance work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he was captured in golf clothes. This time, he was seen greeting some wedding guests at Trump National Golf Club. Probably the question that followed it caused the stir. He was asking them if they were having a good time. Many people would rather see a very sad and stiff Trump, instead of the jovial one on that clip. The fact that he was also giving them his usual thumbs up definitely did not go down well with the critics. A report back in June also said that he bumped into some wedding guests there, and the air was filled with shouts of "U.S.A.!" as he entered.

However, many people have said that he is getting exactly what he dished out, especially to the Obamas, when he was still eyeing the office. Trump heavily criticized the work ethic of Barack Obama. He stated that when he eventually gets into office, he will not be that president that is always going on vacations when there is lots of work to do. Maybe, just maybe, it is payback time. But then, almost every politician gets this. They criticize with every tool at hand when they are vying, even if it includes things they do for a living, and cannot leave for a single day.