Donald Trump is going to be spending a lot of time playing golf in August
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Donald Trump is going to be spending a lot of time playing golf in August

President Donald Trump appears to have a lot of golf planned for the month of August.

Donald Trump will be going on a 17-day vacation from August 4-20, spending that time at Trump's Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J. -- his go-to retreat from Washington, D.C., and the White House throughout the late spring and summer months.

The FAA issued a notice to pilots that there will be an enforced circle of restricted airspace around the towns of Morristown and Bedminster in New Jersey from August 4-20. Pilots will not be able to fly in a 10 nautical-mile radius around the area, and there will be stronger-than-normal restrictions on the airspace in a donut 11 to 30 nautical miles around the town.

Trump will be at Trump National in Bedminster, in large part, to clear the White House for needed renovations initiated under the Obama administration. The heating and cooling system will be replaced after 27 years, the South Portico steps will be re-done for the first time in 64 years and new carpeting will be placed in the West Wing.

As of August 2, Trump has spent 43 days of his presidency, which started Jan. 20, 2017, at a Trump-owned or -operated golf facility. While he hasn't played golf every time he has visited one of his golf clubs -- including during a three-day trip to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster to watch the 2017 US Women's Open unfold on his club property -- we are also not completely able to verify when Trump plays golf at his properties. White House pool reporters are penned up in restricted portions of Trump's clubs when he is on property, and they're not able to verify what he does on his own property. The Trump administration has a policy of not confirming if Trump plays golf, so the journalists covering the President are forced to glean when Trump plays golf based on context clues, including the amount of time Trump is at his country club's property and if Trump or other people in the presidential motorcade are wearing golf-appropriate attire.

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