On-demand videos of any sport with the CBS App
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On-demand videos of any sport with the CBS App

Which sports do you follow? Are you able to keep up with all of them along with the rest of your day-to-day life? If not, that’s probably because it’s not that easy to stay tuned to your favorite sports channel to watch all of the highlights of each game. However, what if you could watch the games on your mobile device instead? Yes, it’s possible to watch sports on demand through the CBS Sports app, along with so many other important features. The world of sports just got smaller.

Pick Your Teams

Most fans can only keep up with a handful of teams at a time because it can be a lot of work to find out information for each one. Thankfully, however, CBS Sports is a basketball app, a golf app, and any other sport you can think of, so it’s super easy to find your favorite teams, regardless of their location or the season. Whether it’s two or twenty, you will get updates and notifications every time they play.

Watch On Demand

When your favorite team is competing, where will you be? Even if you’re stuck somewhere without access to a television, you can still watch the action from your phone or tablet. This app makes sports mobile, which means you will never have to settle for watching after game highlights ever again.

Track the Score

If you can’t look at the game itself for whatever reason (perhaps you don’t have a strong connection), the app will still give you updates on the score as the game progresses. This way you can still stay on top of everything without having to be glued to the screen. Each time the score changes, you get an update.

Overall, when it comes to tracking your favorite sports and teams, the CBS Sports app makes everything so much easier for you. Plus, it’s free to download and use. So why don’t you have it already?

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