WATCH: Charles Barkley's golf swing now features a cross-handed grip
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WATCH: Charles Barkley’s golf swing now features a cross-handed grip

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Charles Barkley's horrible golf swing doesn't look so horrible these days. In fact, Sir Charles' golf swing looks...dare we say...pretty good.

So what's the secret to the Chuckwagon figuring it out? It's that Barkley has decided to change his golf grip in a radical way, going to the rare cross-handed grip.

Normally in the golf swing, for a right-handed player, the right hand is the lower hand on the golf club's grip. Barkley has changed that up, now putting the right hand at the butt end of the grip while putting the left hand lower. It's a grip that is very popular among pro golfers for putting, but it's rare to see it in the full swing.

However, some pro golfers have seen success with the cross-handed grip outside of putting, including Vijay Singh, who has used a cross-handed grip while chipping.

It doesn't seem like Barkley takes every swing cross-handed, however.

Some of the swings are with the more traditional grip. When he's able to convince himself to swing with fluid, quicker tempo, he can work past the hitch without having to mess with his grip.

Whatever Barkley's doing now looks so much better than the gross, cringe-inducing twitch and hitch in his golf swing that made it practically impossible for him to hit the golf ball.

Who knew such a strange change would be so effective? Barkley has done practically anything he can think of, including working with Tiger Woods' former teacher Hank Haney, to solve this problem. This has been the best answer we've seen in years. That said, Barkley still stinks. He's dead last among 89 players in the celebrity field for the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

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