Two Topgolf customers get into a fight, fall off second story of building
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Two Topgolf customers get into a fight, fall off second story of building


Two Topgolf customers in Ft. Worth got themselves into a literal knock-down, drag-out fight at the driving range and entertainment complex over the Independence Day weekend.

Multiple DFW-area outlets reported on the brawl, which started on the second floor of three at the Topgolf in Ft. Worth on Friday night, June 30. It's unclear why the fight started or how it devolved so badly that they took the fight over the edge of the second deck. One man remained caught in the protective netting just beyond the hitting bay. However, one man landed on the ground floor of the range and was injured to the point that local emergency personnel took both men to a medical facility.

Dallas News reports the two men who got into a fight were there for a bachelor party.

In reaction, Topgolf shut down the property for the remainder of the night. Customers there were given vouchers to return for the time they had purchased.


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