Tiger Woods arrest dashcam footage shows him confused, groggy before arrest
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Tiger Woods arrest dashcam footage shows him confused, groggy before arrest

The dashcam footage of Tiger Woods' DUI traffic stop and arrest was released on Wednesday evening, supplied by the Jupiter (Fla.) Police Department.

The video of the stop and the audio from the microphone worn by the arriving officer details of a groggy Woods, who does tell the officer he is coming from Los Angeles but stating he has no idea where he is.

In the 29-minute video, Woods is co-operative throughout, denying he had been drinking alcohol despite the officer saying there was an "odor" from the 14-time major champion. Woods speaks about taking prescription medication, including Vicodin and Vioxx, a product banned from the U.S. market.

The officer asks Woods to exit the car for field sobriety tests, but his shoes are untied. Dress in athletic gear, Woods struggles to tie his shoes with his leg propped up on the hood of the police car. After a second officer asks him to take off the shoes, Woods is brought out for the testing. Again asked where he's going, Woods said he doesn't know, adding, "I like to drive." Woods is then asked by the second officer if he's taken any illegal substances or has been drinking, and he is adamant in saying he had not.

Woods ultimately fails several field sobriety tests, including following a red light with only his eyes, walking in a straight line, keeping his foot extended out from his body for several seconds, as well touching his nose with his hands in alternating fashion and saying the English alphabet with his eyes closed in a slow fashion.

Woods will be arraigned on charges of driving under the influence and illegal parking on July 5.

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