Arccos Caddie takes your performance data, turns it into real-time advice

Arccos Caddie takes your performance data, turns it into real-time advice

Arccos Golf has picked up data from more than 61 million golf shots hit around the world, tagged by its users and stored on its massive platform. Now the company is putting that data to work for Arccos users in real time with a new subscription service called Arccos Caddie.

Working within the Arccos family of apps and using Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform, the Caddie function delivers real-time course management advice from the start of a hole. With the push of the Caddie button at the start of a hole, the app uses a golfer's historic performance, along with elevation data, forecasted wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, temperature and other factors to suggest which clubs to hit and where to achieve the best possible score.

On par-3 holes, Arccos Caddie will suggest the club to hit and offer predictions of how often a player will hit the green and where a player is most likely to miss the green.

An Arccos user needs to have logged five rounds on the platform to be able to use the Caddie function -- the minimum amount of data for it to be useful and a representative sample size of skill.

“Every shot in golf involves a decision-making process, and the caddie’s role has historically been to help you make more intelligent choices. Today, however, less than 3 percent of players have access to a caddie,” said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO. “Everyone else is missing out on a crucial source of information that can help inform every shot. With Arccos Caddie, we’re democratizing the caddie experience through the power of A.I. and the Microsoft Azure cloud.”

Arccos Caddie launches May 22, with a trial period through the end of May.

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