What are the highest elevation golf courses in the world?
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What are the highest elevation golf courses in the world?


The WGC-Mexico Championship is played in Mexico City at Club de Golf Chapultepec, where the clubhouse is situated some 7,800 feet above sea level, with aspects of the course largely playing an altitude of 7,500 feet.

While that golf course is at a really high elevation, it is nowhere near holding the title of the golf course at the highest elevation in the world.

The golf course sitting at the highest elevation in the world is La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia, which is at 10,965 feet, according to World Golf.

However, Guinness World Records has a different view, saying Yak Golf Course in Kupup, East Sikkim, is the highest at 13,025 feet. The course in 6,025 yards long and is part of a military base.

Just beneath La Paz is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course in Gan Haizi, Yunnan Province, China, which plays right at 10,000 feet. The course is situated at a resort with some of the tallest ski slopes in the world. The golf course is one of the longest golf courses in the world, too.

A pair of Colorado golf courses play above 9,000 feet. Mt. Massive, a nine-hole course in Leadville, comes in at an impressive 9,680 feet above sea level. The highest championship-grade course is Copper Mountain, with its clubhouse is at 9,500 feet, with some pieces of the 18-hole, par-69 course reaching 9,700 feet. At its highest point, the course is 9,863 feet above sea level.

At one time, a different golf course was the one at the highest elevation in the world. Tuctu Golf Club in Peru sat 14,335 feet above sea level, but it is now abandoned and has been since the early 1990s. It was owned by a mining company, presumably for the benefit of their employees.

There are some dangers in wanting to do much of any kind of physical activity at altitude, including getting headaches, experiencing nausea and edema, or even death without acclimatizing to the thinner air and conditions at higher elevations.


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