Odyssey O-Works putters: Preview, photos, specs, release date

Odyssey O-Works putters: Preview, photos, specs, release date

Odyssey Golf has done a great job in recent years of taking technological developments and new features -- ranging from weighting, alignment aids and face inserts -- and carrying them through into new designs that boast additional technology. The company tends not to leave anything on the table from a past generation, so long as it's not proven obsolete.

Now, Odyssey has come out with a new face insert, and that Microhinge insert debuts in the new O-Works line.

The Microhinge insert has two components to it.

The first is a 304 stainless steel hinge plate. The plate has the microhinges, which are designed to flex and rebound ever so slightly at impact to promote forward spin for a smoother, more consistent roll. Odyssey claims robot testing shows the Microhinge insert promotes two times the forward spin as the Fusion RX insert. The second part is a theromplastic elastomer (TPE) inner layer that sits behind the plate, sitting at a 46 hardness rating, delivering a soft feel at impact. The two pieces are co-molded to fit together and deliver the full complement of their combined features.

Returning, too, is Versa-T alignment technology, complete with more black and white sections, as well red highlights.

The Odyssey O-Works line has nine different previously available models, including four blade shapes -- #1, #1W, #2, #9 –- and four mallet shapes -- #7, #7 Tank, 2-Ball, V-Line Fang CH -- and the and R-Line. Tank counter-balanced versions of the #1 and #7 are also available.

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The Odyssey O-Works line retails for $230 each, with each model coming with either the SuperStroke Slim
2.0 or SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour, both with CounterCore Technology, and the SuperStroke Tank for the counter-balanced models.