What is up with Tiger Woods' Twitter Christmas post?

What is up with Tiger Woods’ shirtless Mac Daddy Santa Twitter post?

Tiger Woods apparently has an alter ego, known as Mac Daddy Santa. It's a Christmas tradition that he just had to share on Twitter, and it created an uproar.

Woods took to Twitter to share a picture of him as Mac Daddy Santa. What is Mac Daddy Santa? For Woods' two kids, that apparently means a shirtless Woods, wearing a Santa hat that is actually a Raiders hat (which is actually pretty sweet), with a dyed goatee and sunglasses.

I don't know, and I probably don't want to know, how this tradition started. But, as Woods said, his kids, Sam and Charlie, apparently love it. So, hey, whatever.

For what it's worth, Mac Daddy Santa Tiger looks a lot like the Tiger Woods cover of "Vanity Fair" shot by Annie Leibovitz, where Woods is also shirtless and wearing a prison beanie like he was at Alcatraz.