What is FocusBand and how can it help your golf game?

What is FocusBand and how can it help your golf game?

There's a new training device in golf that's becoming almost as popular as TrackMan and other launch monitors. It's called FocusBand, and it's designed to help golfers control their emotions.

As you might derive from its name, FocusBand is a wearable headband which has three woven, perspiration-tolerant sensors as part of it. Those sensors measure your brain activity, showing their readings in a mobile app. FocusBand developers say that golfers can use this while playing golf, but they should first experience it by sitting down while doing nothing. As the FocusBand delivers audiovisual feedback through the app, the developers say a golfer (or anyone, really) can regulate their emotions through techniques the app recommends, including breathing, meditating and the like.

The app, which connects with the FocusBand via Bluetooth, offers games that can be played alone or with others.

The idea is that FocusBand helps golfers stay in the moment, a concept called mushin, which is something so many players, including users like Jason Day and Padraig Harrington, talk about to remain concentrated on executing so they can win. Day has used FocusBand to help him define a visualization process before each shot that gets him in the right frame of mind for him to perform. It could work well for you, too.

The FocusBand costs $500, and its apps are available for Android and Apple devices. FocusBand also integrates with Flightscope launch monitors to show feedback between what's happening in your brain and the related impact on how you execute shots.

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