How Tour Q-school works: Field, rules, cards available
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How Tour Q-school works: Field, rules, cards available

The fate of 45 or so Tour cards hang in the balance at Tour Q-school final stage, which rotates around each year.

Since 2015, the tournament has been reduced from six rounds to four (72 holes). There is no cut in this 156-player event, with each player getting two rounds on both host courses.

All 156 players earn conditional status on the Tour, practically assuring them of at least one start. However, finishing inside the top 45 and ties offers more starts and full status for the year:

  • The medalist is exempt for the full 2016 season and exempt from reshuffles
  • Players finishing 2nd through 10th place and ties earn exempt status through the third reshuffle, which is done several times during the season to give better access to players who perform well during the Tour season
  • Players finishing 11th through 45th place and ties earn exempt status through the second reshuffle
  • The remaining players earn conditional 2016 Tour status for the 2016 season, alternating with the players who finished 76th through 100th on the 2015 Tour regular season money list, as well the players who finished 2nd through 5th on the money lists of PGA Tour Latinoamerica, PGA Tour China and the Mackenzie Tour

There's also a $510,000 purse for the event, with the winner getting $25,000. The rest of the top 10 gets $15,000 each and players who finish in 11th through 45th places get $10,000. With the Q-school entry fee ranging from $3,500-$4,500, each player who earns a status in the top 45 and ties will at least double their money.

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