European Tour reminds its golfers when to yell 'Fore!' on the golf course
European Tour

European Tour reminds its golfers when to yell ‘Fore!’ on the golf course

It seems some players on the European Tour have forgotten basic golf etiquette, including when to yell "Fore!" on the golf course. It's gotten so bad, in fact, that the Tour felt the need to issue a memo to its players at the Turkish Airlines Open to remind them when they should yell "Fore!"

Here's the memo in full:

An increase in complaints from marshals and spectators over the lack of use of the above warning by players, combined with an increase in resultant injuries to spectators, claims for compensation and indeed a recent injury to a member are of serious concern to the Tour.

Members are reminded that the use of the word "fore" remains the traditional and expected warning/etiquette when there is a danger of hitting someone (See page 26 of the rules of golf) and that regulation D 1 (b) 2 (page 48 of your handbook) requires you to "comply with normally accepted standards of golf etiquette."

All members are therefore strongly reminded that use of such warnings is expected at all times when there is a risk of injury and failure to do so will result in a player being disciplined under the above regulation.

As the memo says, golfers are supposed to yell "Fore!" when there's a possibility of a shot hitting and injuring anyone on the golf course, including fellow players, employees, referees, marshals and spectators. That the European Tour is threatening sanctions for not engaging in basic golf etiquette is both troubling -- that it has to be said -- and encouraging.