Did Tiger Woods admit he won't get to 18 major championships?
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Did Tiger Woods admit he won’t get to 18 major championships?

Did Tiger Woods admit defeat to Jack Nicklaus on "The Charlie Rose Show"? Depending on how you read a transcript of Woods' interview with the "CBS This Morning" co-host, you could surmise that Woods thinks he won't get to or past Nicklaus' 18-major tally.

Then again, if you read it a little differently, Woods is suggesting he believes he could still beat Nicklaus' total.

So, read the exchange for yourself:

ROSE: Do you believe you'll get 18 majors?

WOODS: To be honest with you, no.

ROSE: You don't?


ROSE: You've accepted that?

WOODS: I've accepted I'm going to get more.

The answer to Rose's first question would suggest he doesn't think he'll get to 18 or 19 majors. The second answer suggests either he's going to get to 19 majors or somewhere between 15 and 17 majors.

Who the hell knows, but the insinuation seems clear to us: Tiger Woods still believes he can beat Jack Nicklaus' mark.

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